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valentine’s goodies for singletons

As much as I love to see the shelves of stores overflowing with adorable pink goodies, I’ve never been much of a Valentine’s Day fan. No matter if you’re happily or unhappily single, it can still be a hard holiday to get through on your own. So in honor of all my fellow single folk, I’ve rounded up some goodies that will help you celebrate Valentine’s Day sans Valentine.

I’m so in love with these cheeky pins from Bobby Pins Co! They’re modeled off of WW2 lingerie sets, so you get a little bit of history mixed in with the cuteness.

This enamel pin from Just Peachy speaks to my heart. Because as much as I wish I had a sweetheart to celebrate Valentine’s Day with…I also just really like to be alone! (Anyone else feel the struggle of being lonely but also being a total hermit?)

If you’re feeling on the flirtier side, this Power Puff Girls-themed pin from Sugarbones is perfect for letting everyone know that you are ready to mingle.

Femme de Bloom has some super sweet Disney couple brooches for actual Valentine’s Day style, but for sassy singles, how about this slice (get it?) or truth. Pizza will never let you down.

When you’re single, Valentine’s Day is a great day for some pampering. This black heart bathbomb from Maman Sucre is filled with rose petals, the perfect way to say “whatever” to commercialized displays of love.

These snarky conversation hearts from Sugar Berry Sweets are the perfect antidote to overflowing chocolate boxes and the saccharine messages they bring. Order a batch to share with your fellow lonely hearts or just keep them all for yourself – that’s one of the benefits of being single, right?

Have you been wronged by Mr. Love? For the recently uncoupled and straight up Valentine’s haters, this pin from Baublesaurus might be more your speed. I absolutely love the heart details on the dagger. It’s cute and tough at the same time.

We’ve all had those days, right? When you just don’t have it in you anymore, it’sĀ Foxblood to the rescue with this amazing “Dead Inside” tee. I would totally rock this on V-Day if it wasn’t a work day this year, not gonna lie.

Are you going to be spending Valentine’s day as a lonely heart, a powerful woman who don’t need no partner, or as a (gross) twitterpated lovebird?

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2 Comment

  1. I LOVE the Just Peachy pin! Definitely need to grab that for myself because the being lonely/loving the hermit life struggle is REAL in my world. Glad I’m not alone in that. šŸ˜‰

    1. Reply
      Penny Snark
      February 6, 2018 at 11:16 am

      The struggle is so real, haha! I always wish that I had someone with me…until I’m sitting at home alone and I’m like “wow actually this is great, I’m glad no one is here to bother me” šŸ˜…

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