trashy diva getaway dress review

I knew it was only a matter of time before I took the leap and purchased my first Trashy Diva dress. And after years (literal years!) of watching and waiting, it all happened in a blur. I was immediately entranced by the Audubon-inspired Birds of a Feather print, and before I knew it, the Getaway dress was in my cart and winging its way to me. In order to commemorate this important event in my retro fashion existence, I knew I wanted to do something extra special to show it off.

So I jetted off to Italy to snap a few pics!

Just kidding! This beautiful Italian villa isn’t on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea…it’s on the coast of Lake Michigan! Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum is one of the loveliest and more unique places in Milwaukee; it’s a real historic home built in the style of an Italian Renaissance villa, complete with a stunning multi-tiered garden. There are permanent decorative pieces and changing galleries on the inside.

I met Kaitlyn of Say Hello Story at a Galentine’s Day party, and when she offered to shoot with me, you know I jumped for joy! Kaitlyn takes such beautiful photos, and I was so excited to have someone with me to really capture the combination of a gorgeous dress and a gorgeous setting! It felt so right to model a bird-print dress in this magical fairy tale garden. There was actually a morning concert event happening inside the museum’s courtyard, so we had the entire garden to ourselves.

So, about the dress! The Getaway Dress debuted along with the Birds of a Feather collection, so it’s one of the newest (if not the newest) cuts in the Trashy Diva line. I was immediately drawn to this piece – the black panels really make the colorful print pop and help add some calmness to a busy print that could easily be overwhelming. I also really loved the idea of a summer dress with so much black on it…it’s very easy to style it with a Victoriana sort of gothic flair. For this post, I kept things simple and paired it with a vintage sun hat and a thin black belt.

Based on Trashy Diva’s fit guide post about the collection (these are SO great by the way, such a life saver! I wish more brands did this), I sized up, and I got a pretty perfect fit. The dress is cotton voile, which is very soft and light, but does not stretch.

The center halter tie is really the defining feature to me and gives the neckline a lovely, unique point of interest, but it’s nice that it’s easily removable if you want to change up the look of the dress. The straps attach to the back of the bodice with buttons, allowing for minor adjustment…personally, I’ve never found the different button thing especially helpful, and I’d prefer fully adjustable straps or nothing, but it’s not like the buttons get in my way! I do think it’s odd that this dress doesn’t come with a belt or sash, because I think that it looks much better with one.

Overall, I’m so pleased to have added this dress to my collection. It’s absolutely lovely, and it definitely looks and feels very different from any other dress I own from other brands. I’ll look forward to adding additional Trashy Diva pieces to my collection, as they enrapture me!

And another huge thank you to Kaitlyn! She was an absolute peach to shoot with, and I’m so in love with the photos that she took. I felt so spoiled having all of these amazing shots to choose from instead of my usual selfies! She actually was sweet enough to write up a feature about me and The Sconnie Sling over on her blog, so click here to check out her post.

Are you a Trashy Diva fanatic, or are you still admiring from the sidelines?

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