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transition your wardrobe like a boss | summer to fall

The leaves are changing, the temperatures dropping…it’s decorative gourd season, motherfuckers! Where I live, it can feel like it’s summer one day and fall the next, which makes it difficult to know what to wear. Thus: the transitional wardrobe!

Today I’m sharing my best tips for transitions your wardrobe from summer to fall. These simple adjustments will let you stay stylish as the seasons change.


Live in layers

When the weather can change dramatically from morning to afternoon, or whether or not the wind is blowing, you need to be able to make wardrobe adjustments on the fly. Vests, cardigans, blazers, shawls: all options that give you plenty of flexibility for dealing with changing temperatures. These super cozy blanket scarves are really popular right now, and I also dig these dramatic long vests from Society+…talk about a statement piece! Personally, I’m a big fan of a long sleeved cardigan, since then I can even push up or pull down my sleeves as I need to in order to warm up or cool down.

Shift your color palette

Now, I definitely am someone who loves wearing bright colors year round – you definitely don’t have to totally forget about your rainbow tones or your pastels when it gets chilly out! But starting to incorporate more autumnal tones (deep purple, burnt orange, olive, mustard) into your wardrobe can help signal the change of the seasons. In the summer, you might pair two brighter/lighter colors together; as you move into autumn, start to mix in more blacks and greys.

Autumnal patterns & fabrics

There are certain patterns that just sayย fall. Chief among them is plaid! Adding some plaid to your wardrobe will instantly say, “I’m ready for autumn!” Houndstooth is another one for me. The same is true of fabrics; in full fall mode, you might where head to toe tweed or flannel – for this transitional wardrobe, you’ll want to stick to one statement piece in each look.


One of the quickest, easiest ways to transition between seasons is with socks, tights, and other hosiery. A simple pair of semi-opaque black tights are invaluable for chilly weather, but I’m also a huge fan of knee socks or trouser socks to add some pattern and fun to an outfit along with extra warmth. I think that part of the appeal for knee socks to me in fall is the slightly “back to school” vibe they give; obviously, a pair of white knit socks are going to say “school girl” in a pretty serious way, but a semi-sheer patterned trouser sock is a great way to get a more mature, stylish version of the look. I’ve been a longtime customer of Sock Dreams, which is my favorite place to find fabulous hosiery, but you can find cute socks all over (I’m quite partial to these patterned mustard thigh highs from Modcloth).

Keep your core warm

One of the best ways to stay warmer overall is to make sure your core is properly warm! Try a short sleeve sweater ย or another thicker top on a warm-ish day to keep your torso nice and snuggly warm. I usually stick with a “bare arms or bare legs” rule in this transitional period – not both!

How do you get ready to transition your wardrobe between the seasons? It’s been in the low 60s all week here, but it might get up to 80 again on Friday – personally, I’d prefer the weather just makes up its mind!

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