the $10 palette that saved my look

There’s nothing quite like being 2 hours into a 3.5 hour drive to a wedding and realizing that you forgot to bring any eye shadow.

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I had packed everything else I needed for a killer wedding look…but I forgot to grab an eye shadow palette before I left the house. Obviously, this could not stand. I only had a sliver of time after arriving in town to check into the hotel and get ready before I had to be at the church, so the only thing to do was make tracks to the first Walgreens I saw. As a child of the modern era, I was 100% Googling “best drugstore eyeshadow” on my phone as  I was power-walking into the store.

Drugstore products definitely have an important place in my makeup collection and my heart, but eye shadow has always been one of the products I’m pretty snobby about. I haven’t bought drugstore brand eye shadow since high school, probably…until now!

Maybelline Eye Studio Plush Silk Eye Shadow Quad

One of the first results sung the praises of the Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Plush Silk quads. I was intrigued, and when I rolled up to the Maybelline display, the colors were definitely pretty poppin’ and as much as I love mix-and-matching when I have my whole collection to choose from, I definitely dug that this was a whole look in one in my Time of Need. So I snagged Copper Chic for $10 (it’s even cheaper on Amazon right now if you use the link above!) and boogied to my hotel room.

I did bring my trusty Urban Decay Primer Potion with me, but I was still expecting to work pretty hard to get strong color payoff out of this cheapie eye shadow quad…joke’s on me! These have a great formula – they really are plush, as the name says, and they go on the eyelid very smooth and with a great vibrancy. I did pack on a little more to get it extra bright, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised with my purchase! I did not have to go to the wedding with embarrassingly bare eyelids, and I’ll definitely be using this quad in more looks in the future.

I feel like maybe I’m turning over a new leaf – is it time to dip my toes back in the waters of drugstore eye shadow? Have they improved this much since the nasty, chalky stuff I caked on my peepers for just a hint of color in high school?

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