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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen by now that I picked up some new ink last weekend. I’ve written in the past about tips for getting tattoed, so this is more of a casual storytime. The whole thing came about because a friend of mine was coming to visit and talking about getting a tattoo – I live a block away from an awesome local tattoo shop, so I heartily encouraged the idea, of course! I actually had already decided that I wasn’t going to get a tattoo…until I got there.

I actually got my very first piece at Solid State Tattoo. Both of the artists who work there are super talented and specialize in traditional style, which works perfectly with my retro aesthetic. The shop is well-kept and clean, and both Josh and Jon are really easy to work with – I highly recommend it if you’re ever looking to get tattooed in the Milwaukee area!

Like I said before the cut, I wasn’t actually planning to get anything done this time. I have a few ideas for pieces, but nothing I was ready to commit to starting in the moment. But sitting there, listening to the buzz of the gun, watching a new piece of art blossom in my friend’s skin…I knew that I wanted to jump in too. I took a quick dive through my collection of inspiration, and there was only one thing that seemed right!

Woman's calf getting tattooed

This was the first time I was actually able to watch myself getting tattooed, which was…bizarre. There was definitely some cognitive dissonance watching it happen – I looked for a little, but then I had to stare at the wall!

Bats! Being part of the fabulous online pinup community has helped me feel so much more secure in my spookiness, so it feels right to bear the mark of the truth: I am a spooky girl, year round. Even though this tattoo was relatively unplanned, compared to my other pieces, I’m super happy with it. I took a really long time to pick my first tattoo, and I’m glad I did, but I definitely feel like I’m getting better at identifying what I really want and what will work well with my overall aesthetic.

If you love bats as much (or, well, almost as much…) as I do, you can also find my picks for fabulous bat-themed accessories and learn how to recreate my DIY bat wall! Now let’s all do The Batty Bat!

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