warby parker glasses try-on

I’m going to let you in on a secret: I love glasses. I started wearing glasses in fourth grade, but it wasn’t until late college that I really started to make them a central part of my style. As anyone who has ever seen a picture of me knows, I love big, chunky, statement frames, the more dramatic the better. Most of the glasses I wear now are from Bonlook, but a lot of my friends have been really happy with their orders from Warby Parker, so I figured I’d give it a go!

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Warby Parker home try-on box

ORdering my Warby Parker Home Try-On

If you’ve heard about Warby Parker, you’ve probably heard about their Home Try-On program. I’m glad to report the process was just as easy as advertised! From the Warby Parker site, you can filter based on glasses that are available for home try-on. Then just add the five pairs you’d like to try to your try-on basket and you’re good to go! You don’t even have to pay for shipping!

I unsurprisingly gravitate toward cateye frames and chunky plastic, so I tried to pick out a good mix for this try-on. Maybe one of the styles would surprise me! Overall, I think that Warby Parker is a little bit more subdued than my usual style? I was hoping to have more and brighter color options in frames. The glasses themselves feel like nice quality, though the plastic is all significantly lighter than my Bonlook frames.

But enough chit-chat, right? Let’s try on some glasses!

Ames in Whiskey Tortoise

These are definitely the biggest and squarest of the glasses I ordered…I feel like they’re a little bit on the masculine side for me? Though I do like the classic tortoise shell color.

Laurel in Peacock Green

I was really hoping to try out some red or electric blue frames or something, but there weren’t anything super brightly colored available for me to try. These are a fun teal, but if I was going for colorful glasses, I think I’d want to go Serious Rainbow.

Olive in Rose Quartz

I do really like the shape of these! But I worry that frames that are this pale just blend in too much with my incredibly pasty face…

Abbott in Heritage Bronze

I really wanted to see what I’d look like in these hardcore 1800s librarian/super hipster wire frames! They’re way more flattering than I’d expected them to be, but I don’t think they’re really “me”…what do you think?

Holcomb in Oak Barrel 

These are hands down my favorites of the batch…which is probably not surprising, since they’re the closest to all the other glasses I own!

After doing my home try-on, I don’t know if any of these frames are right for me. Honestly, my Panda Pearls have become such a major part of my style that I would feel kind of weird switching it up…they’re a hard act to follow! My glasses lust remains unabated…where do you like to shop for glasses? Do you think one of these frames is The One?