my first (and only?) pinup contest

On Saturday, I competed in Kochanski’s Miss Polish Pinup Princess Pageant, part of the annual Polish Pile-Up car show. I’d actually registered for this competition last year only to wake up terribly ill the morning of the contest, so this was a long time coming. I finally decided to take the leap, after watching a number of contests at other car shows, and go for it myself.

Did all my pinup dreams come true? Well…not exactly.

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bike babe fantasies

Officially, I know how to ride a bicycle. I learned as a kid and spent some time tooling around my parents’ yard growing up, but I was never really much of a rider. I then proceeded to not ride for many, many years. They say you never forget how to ride a bike…but you can definitely get very rusty. I’ve taken one or two extremely wobbly rides in the past few years, so my bike skills are pretty close to zero. And yet…the warm weather always gets me hankering to hop on a bike.

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summer of self love

This summer will be the 50th anniversary of the “Summer of Love,” the iconic counterculture phenomenom that’s become the perhaps the greatest single symbol of the hippie movement. San Francisco and London (two of the centers for gathering flower children) have a variety of special celebrations planned, but I think that we can all commemorate the Summer of Love in our own way by dedicating ourselves to self love this summer. I was just talking to a friend about how the start of summer always feels the start of something new more than January ever does to me. So I’ve come up with a few ways to embrace self love all summer long.

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Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I hope that wherever you’re riding your giant turkey to today is full of love and lots of good food.

I shared on Instagram that I just had my one year “purpleversary” this past weekend, and it definitely had me thinking about the past year and feeling really thankful. It was then that I really decided to dedicate myself to not just dabbling in pinup fashion, but becoming part of the community. And it’s such a powerful, supportive community of amazing women that I’m so grateful that I have in my life now. I’m inspired and encouraged by all the lovely gals in my Instagram and Facebook feeds every day, and I’m so happy to be able to be part of it. Especially as things in the world get darker, it’s important to be mindful of all the good things in your life. I’m definitely someone who can get bogged down in anxiety and frustration, so I’m taking advantage of this day to remind myself (and you, by proxy) to remember to practice gratitude in every day life.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go get a huge scoop of my grandma’s cran-raspberry Jell-O mold. Be safe, and be thankful ❤️