trashy diva getaway dress review

I knew it was only a matter of time before I took the leap and purchased my first Trashy Diva dress. And after years (literal years!) of watching and waiting, it all happened in a blur. I was immediately entranced by the Audubon-inspired Birds of a Feather print, and before I knew it, the Getaway dress was in my cart and winging its way to me. In order to commemorate this important event in my retro fashion existence, I knew I wanted to do something extra special to show it off.

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pinup in a pack subscription box july unboxing

How time flies! I can’t believe I’m already on my FOURTH PInup in a Pack subscription box…it seems like just yesterday that I was first hearing about it. If you’ve kept up with my previous reviews (click here for April, May, and June), you know that I’ve liked this box more and more with each month. You may also remember that last month I gave a little nudge to the folks at Pinup in Pack to let them know an extra awesome box in my birth month would be appreciated. Well…they were nudged!

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aesthetic: retro space babe

Space: the final frontier! I totally nerd out for NASA (even though I’m also sort of terrified of space???), but there are times that I’m a little disappointed that space didn’t end up being the groovy, bubble-helmeted, raygun-filled place that we used to imagine. But just because the reality of space exploration is still on the harder scientific size, that doesn’t mean we can’t live out our sci-fi vixen dreams! So come along with me as we venture into the stars and enjoy the aesthetic of the retro space babe.

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business glam ootd (& society+ tutu review)

It’s been a really long time since I shared a straight-up outfit of the day post! If you follow my Instagram, you’ve been seeing my outfits, but I don’t usually chat too much about the look itself (I’m much more into the sardonic quote + emoji caption…). I’ve been having a lot of fun putting together new looks this spring, but Wednesday was one of my very favorite outfits for a long time. And, based on the reaction from coworkers and event attendees, it was a big hit in general! How does a colorful pinup unicorn princess do “business professional”? FInd out after the jump!

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plus size swimsuits for retro beach babes

When I bring up my longing for swimsuits, I usually dismiss my own feelings with “but, I mean, I live in Wisconsin.” While it’s true that a Wisconsin girl doesn’t have quite the same opportunities a Floridian does for fun in the sun, I do live on the coast of one of the world’s largest freshwater lakes. There are beaches right here in the city, and there’s definitely plenty of lakes that Midwesterners spend summer at. The truth is more that I’m, as my mom says, a “hot house flower.” I don’t do well in an environment with uncontrolled temperatures, which some people refer to as “the outdoors.” I own two swimsuits, which is seriously more than enough, and yet I love to shop for them…

Since I know I shouldn’t buy any more swimsuits for me, I figured I could at least live vicariously by picking out cute swimsuits for all of you. It can hard to shop for swimsuits, especially as a plus size gal, so I’ve rounded up a few that would be perfect for any pinup pool party.

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Flatlay image of various accessories

birthday giveaway: my favorite things

This weekend (May 6, to be specific) marks the first birthday of The Sconnie Sling! After lurking and daydreaming about a fashion blog for months, I finally took the plunge. Since then, I’ve published 118 posts, redesigned (and redesigned again), made the switch to self-hosted (and did it all by myself), and had so much fun. I’m still full of ideas and love sharing my style and my thoughts with you. I wanted to mark the occasion and celebrate some of the women & makers who have made my first year of blogging so fun at the same time, and I was lucky enough to collaborate with those women to put together a pretty rad giveaway package, if I do say so myself!

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