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spring shoes for vintage gals

I am craving new shoes so hard right now. I’ve been wearing my plain, sensible black flats for too long…I want colors, sparkles, some extra flair! Lo and behold, one of my everyday pairs of black flats have given up the ghost. Which means it’s time for some replacements! Let’s do some virtual shoe shopping, shall we? (The links in this post are affiliate links – shopping using them puts a few cents in my shoe fund with no extra cost to you.)

If you don’t get this, watch this.

Let’s get look at some shoes.

Oxford shoes with floral pattern and pink leather details

I have such a weakness for ultra-femme oxfords. They’re business-like but alsoΒ super cute! They also are practically gym shoes, which is good for me and my notorious failure to wear heels.

Brown heels with decorative buckles

These pumps definitely go with my eccentric 1950s librarian style. I could definitely see myself wearing these regularly in the office.

Blush pink Mary Jane heels

Can you say Barbie shoes? I’m absolutely dying to pair these with something else perfectly pink…or maybe as the sweet touch for a striking ensemble…

Heeled Oxfords in cream and grey

Yep, it’s more Oxfords. These aren’t quite as deliciously femme as the first pair, but still pretty darn cute. Plus, they’ll go with anything!

Low suede coral-colored heels

I feel like I’ve said it a million times by this point, but I amΒ seriously having a pink renaissance lately. I was never one of the girls who really rebelled against pink, but I never much cared for it either. The past few months I’ve been desperate for All Pink Everything!

Teal pumps with silver toes and glitter heels

Okay so I can’t really claim that these are great work shoes with a straight face, but…LOOK AT THEM. Have you ever seen anything more majestic in your life?

Of course, I’m drawn to all these heels when I definitely have a closet full of them that I almost never wear…where do you get your work shoes? Any recommendations for cute yet comfy are greatly appreciated!

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