how to rock florals in winter

Do you believe a groundhog determines the weather? Whatever you think about what our furry little friends see when they emerge from their holes today, a rodent’s weather forecast won’t stop me from busting out some lovely florals. In fact, I’ve pretty much never met a floral print I didn’t like, and life would just be no fun if I had to pack all my pretty flowers away through the long, long Wisconsin winter. But wearing florals in winter does require some minor adjustments – follow me after the jump for all my best tips!

Embrace a dark floral

The easiest and most approachable way to get into winter florals is with a dark floral. Something like this navy floral cardigan slots perfectly well into the standard winter wardrobe, with a pop of fun and color. One of the things I love most about wearing flowery prints in winter is how many coworkers and friends remark on it. “You look soΒ cheery today,” they say. You, too, can look cheery! All it takes is a judicious application of florals.

Play jewel tone matchmaker

But the loveliest pastels can be winter appropriate too if you style them right! I drew on the darker tone of the leaves in this skirt, pairing it with a jewel-toned green sweater that’s totally wintery. Personally, I don’t mind pairing pastels with black, but matching one of the colors in the piece helps the look from seeming stark or mismatched. This skirt would also look gorgeous with deep purple.

Layer, layer, layer

This looks is extremely similar to the one above (and yes, I am totally helpless to the siren song of a pink floral), with one important addition: LAYERING! As I talked about in my guide to staying stylish in cold weather, layering is the key to keeping your pinup style rocking year round. It not only will keep you warm, but in the blink of an eye, a well-applied layer will totally transform a summer piece, making your wardrobe work harder for you all year. This Hearts & Found dress is one of my favorite sundresses, but spaghetti straps aren’t going to cut it when the freeze is on. I added this cute sweater, and I have a sweet and colorful ensemble that totally works for January.

Do you have a floral piece that’s been marooned in your closet until spring? Consider giving it some time off for good behavior – it’s never too cold to wear flowers!

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