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plus size pinup shopping guide

A lot of the time, shopping for plus size clothes feels like playing a video game on expert. Add in a very particular niche style, and you might as well have one hand tied behind your back. But despite the struggles, there are more and more options for plus size pinup girls to find the beautiful retro fashion we want in an inclusive size range. There’s nothing that stabs you in the heart quite like eagerly following a link to check out a piece you’ve seen another girl modeling and finding out they don’t even make it in your size. One of the questions I get most often is “where did you get that???” So I’ve put together a list of all the places that I shop for pinup, vintage and retro fashion that is inclusive of plus size women. This isn’t a comprehensive list of plus size options for vintage inspired clothes, but a highlight of the places that helped me build my wardrobe. (This list of plus size retailers of all styles is far more comprehensive than anything I could hope to create!)

Dress Barn (Up to US24)

Thought Dress Barn was for old ladies? Think again! Well, okay, some of it is, but some of it is super cute, especially for work. I’ve had a lot of good luck finding fun dresses here, and for in-betweenies like myself, it’s nice to have the option to have the straight size and plus size version of the same item to compare side by side.

eShakti (Up to 36W, customizable)

I’ll be level with you, some of eShakti’s stuff is…weird. But they offer a ton of cute stuff with retro flair in a huge size range, AND pretty much any piece can be customized for only $9.95 extra. Change hem lengths, necklines, sleeves…you can even remove pockets, though I don’t know why anyone would.

Hearts & Found (Custom)

Ordering custom work can be intimidating, but the results are hard to beat! Hearts & Found is amazingly customizable, super affordable, and very high quality. Since it is being handmade overseas, it can take a while for the piecesto be ready, but it’s definitely worth the wait. You can read a full review here.

Lindy Bop (Up to UK26)

A budget-friendly option I reviewed in more detail here. Lindy Bop is great for every day pieces and fun patterns you don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of money on. For the most part I’ve found their pieces to fit true to size, but I’ve heard mixed reviews on size consistency, so watch out for that.

Modcloth (Varies)

I’m currently on hiatus with Modcloth, pending how this Walmart purchase ends up shaking out, but they do have a bunch of great stuff. The nice thing is that, apart from the Modcloth house brand, you can usually find these pieces elsewhere with a little sleuthing.

New York & Company (Up to US20)

My secret weapon! New York & Company is not a dedicated retro/vintage brand, but the Eva Mendes collection in particular has a ton of fun vintage flair. There’s also great basic pieces in cute floral and fruit prints that will fit perfectly in a pinup wardrobe. Great option for professional pinups. Protip: NY & Company is one of those brands that ALWAYS has some kind of crazy sale going on. Most of the time, you can wait for the right moment and scoop up a killer deal.

Pinup Girl Clothing (Up to 4X)

A lot of my pieces come from PUG. I always appreciated the variety of body types, both plus size and non, present in lookbooks and model photos on the site. That said, recent issues of cultural appropriation and really disrespectful treatment of WOC customers have turned me off. I’m still wearing the pieces I have, but I’m not currently purchasing new pieces from this brand.

Society+ (up to US32)

I’ve only just placed my first order from Society+, but I’ve been admiring the brand for a long time. This is another site that isn’t specifically dedicated to retro fashion, but the cute swing dresses, midi skirts, and tutus make great additions to a plus size pinup’s wardrobe. I super appreciate that they take the time to remeasure pieces from other brands so there is consistent sizing across the site.

Steady Clothing (Up to 4X)

I get my favorite basic swing skirts from Steady, so this brand is definitely a big part of my wardrobe. I will warn that the sizing can be a little wonky, though they seem to be working on this. I’ve gotten tops in a 4X that are SKIN TIGHT on me, so buyer beware. This is a great site for staples…they have a few funky prints, but the offerings tend to run closer to the solids, stripes, and polka dots that make up the foundation of rockabilly style.

I hope at least one of these shops is new for you! And if you’re not plus size, all of these except Society+ offer a full range of sizes – it means a lot for thin people to support size inclusive brands and make a statement that it’s not okay to tell fat women to go pound rocks.

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