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pinup in a pack subscription box review: november

What’s up, friends? It’s time for another chapter of a favorite book of yours AND mine: The Pinup in a Pack Unboxing Diaries. Pinup in a Pack is a monthly subscription box that sends out a surprise selection of retro-inspired accessories, like earrings, hair accessories, scarves, sunglasses, bangles, and more! Follow me after the jump for a review of the November box!

Look at that lovely autumnal gold! Now, I know from Instagram that the “standard” version of this box came with a very cool pair of cateye sunglasses. Pinup in a Pack is gracious enough to do a “four eyes” version of their box for nerds like me who can’t wear non-RX eyewear, so I got a very pretty set of thin cream and gold bangles instead.

I’m a little bit obsessed with the funky gold textured earrings; in fact, these are appearing in this photo off their backing card because I actually wore them the day after I got them, before I had time to take a photo. (Oops!) They’re ultra light and definitely look very close to true vintage. I can 100% see my grandma wearing these, and they’re super versatile.

There were a few different colorways of flowers floating around, but I’m really glad I got these gorgeous plum clips! They’re so perfect for fall, and I love the versatility of separate clips. You can put them right next to each other for a more dramatic accessory, clip them on either side of an updo, use them as makeshift cardigan clips, or even clip them to your shoes – the possibilities are endless! These are definitely on the shortlist for my Thankgsiving outfit this year – make sure to follow my Instagram so you can see what I end up going with.

The November box was a lot of fun and very seasonally appropriate – I’m crossing my finger for some glitz in next month’s box!

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