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pinup in a pack subscription box: june unboxing

Another month, another Pinup in a Pack unboxing! This is definitely becoming one of my favorite mail days of the month…what could it be? I mentioned in last month’s unboxing post how much I enjoyed the curated feel of the box – did my wish for another themed box come true? Find out after the jump!

Muthafuckin’ TURBAN, y’all! I can’t even. I actually opened this month’s box live on Instagram, so anyone who was on that stream can vouch for the fact that I got real excited about this turban. One of the major benefits of subscription boxes like this is the opportunity to try things that you want but probably would never actually commit to buying for yourself. I don’t think I’d ever buy a turban…but will I do my best to rock this one? Oh yes. I’ve pretty much nailed the eccentric retro librarian look, if I do say so myself, so it’s probably time to start cultivating my bizarre grande dame aesthetic.

I’ve also started to get more in tune with my gothic side lately (conveniently as it gets Hot As Balls), so I’m totally into an all-black box for June. The earrings are a great mash-up of retro style and very trendy modern looks (they read very Kendra Scott to me), and I’m sure I’ll wear them a ton throughout the year. And there’s pretty much nothing you can say about a black/gold/pearl floral bracelet that could make me lose interest. (Except maybe: “and it’s not for you.”)

This is the second really strong box in a row, and I’m super excited to see what July will bring! No pressure, Pinup in a Pack, but it is my birth month, so… 😉

Also I don’t remember if I mentioned before, but you can purchase all the accessories that appear in the subscription box and a number of others ala carte at the Pinup in a Pack website! I was scoping it out the other day and getting ideas…everything on there is very reasonably priced, in my opinion.

Did you get a June box too? Thoughts?

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