pinup in a pack subscription box july unboxing

How time flies! I can’t believe I’m already on my FOURTH PInup in a Pack subscription box…it seems like just yesterday that I was first hearing about it. If you’ve kept up with my previous reviews (click here for April, May, and June), you know that I’ve liked this box more and more with each month. You may also remember that last month I gave a little nudge to the folks at Pinup in Pack to let them know an extra awesome box in my birth month would be appreciated. Well…they were nudged!

Pinup in a Pack subscription box

I definitely gasped softly when I opened this box, like the dramatic queen that I am. How stunning are these pieces??? This one is a homerun in my opinion, from start to finish. These earrings are a classy pastel daydream…they’re sort of half Art Deco and half mermaid, and I love that. I did a quick try-on, and not to brag, but the colors look awesome with my hair. I don’t have a lot of super dramatic earrings, so these are a welcome addition to my collection.

The hair flower is also lovely; it’s such a unique blossom, too! As much as I love roses, lilies, peonies, and all the other traditional blooms, it’s fun to have something a little funky and different. And we all know how much I love purple on purple action.

Embroidered floral bangle

This BANGLE tho. I had to touch the embroidery immediately. It was the first thing I grabbed out of the box. It’s absoutely stunning – these photos aren’t even color-corrected at all, it’s really that vibrant just in natural light.

Just like the past two months, these pieces all work really well together, but each one has  a unique flair that I find really inspiring. I can already picture an outfit I’d wear to showcase the earrings, one for the bangle…the hair flower will be great for my tropical tiki vibes!

I continue to be impressed with the Pinup in a Pack box – so far, they keep getting better and better with each box! I can’t wait to see what will pop up in August’s box.

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