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milwaukee city guide for vintage lovers

Most of you know that I call the lovely Midwestern metropolis known as Milwaukee, Wisconsin home. I could totally talk about my favorite places in Milwaukee forever, so today I’m limiting it to personal faves and especially spots that I think other vintage lovers need to check out! The vintage/pinup scene in Milwaukee isn’t as expansive as in Los Angeles or other larger cities, but there’s still plenty of retro fun to be had. One of my favorite things about the city is how much of the past lives on today; even as things are growing and changing, people really put the effort into preserving the past. A lot of things that might seem “retro” to other people are just how we roll in Milwaukee.

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bike babe fantasies

Officially, I know how to ride a bicycle. I learned as a kid and spent some time tooling around my parents’ yard growing up, but I was never really much of a rider. I then proceeded to not ride for many, many years. They say you never forget how to ride a bike…but you can definitely get very rusty. I’ve taken one or two extremely wobbly rides in the past few years, so my bike skills are pretty close to zero. And yet…the warm weather always gets me hankering to hop on a bike.

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