natural love palette by too faced

I’ve always been resistant to neutral palettes. They’re just so…basic. Even though I wear mostly neutral looks in my day to day life, I’m always drawn in by the flashy colors, the jewel tones and the dramatic shadows. But when I saw the Too Faced Natural Love palette it was, well, love at first sight.

Natural Love eyeshadow palette by Too Faced Cosmetics

Too Faced is one of the brands that I usually admire from afar. I do have one other palette of theirs, but I’ve just never been moved to pull the trigger on their trendy chocolate or peach or peanut butter or whatever scented stuff that I see everywhere…personally, I don’t really want my makeup to smell like anything in particular??? But the Natural Love palette did not have a specialty scent and promised a lovely array of shadows that are neutral enough to be super versatile but pretty enough to get past my kneejerk “boring” response. Plus, just look at that packaging! All soft colors and flowers and bunnies…I’m a sucker for fun packaging. I’m going to be staring at this palette day in and day out after all, it should fit in with my #aesthetic, right?

Natural Love eye shadow palette by Too Faced Cosmetics

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These are definitely not shadows that you can wear without a primer. I got pretty good results when I was swatching on my hand, so I tried just going for it…traditionally, I haven’t bothered to use primer on work days. But I got pretty much zero color payoff, which concerned me until I put on some primer and boom! Pretty colors!

I love that you can easily do a single look with this palette without feeling like that single look is always the same look. There are some darker, dramatic colors, a nice variety of different toned highlight colors, and god, all the pinks and pale purples and honey browns and golds are super super dreamy. I’ve been doing my eyes exclusively with this palette since I got it, and I don’t feel like I’ve repeated myself yet (and I haven’t even had an opportunity for the darker shades!).

I’d give the texture of the shadows a thumbs up, but just the one. I haven’t experienced any problems with fallout or shadows being too powdery. It doesn’t shock me with it’s awesomeness or anything, though. It’s a nice, solid formula.

This is a great palette for pinup gals, especially anyone who’s just starting out and looking for an “all in one” palette that will let them jump right into creating those soft, pretty vintage-inspired looks. If you’re more on the punky/rockabilly side, you may not be totally thrilled with this one, but it’s great for traditional retro glamour girl types.

What’s your favorite beauty product you’ve purchased recently? It had been a looong time since I bought a palette, and now I’m definitely itching to buy more makeup!

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    March 31, 2017 at 10:36 am

    I love, love, love tarte shadows… yes, they have a vanilla smell but it’s a good vanilla not a cheap chemical vanilla scent… the colors last and go on smooth… I usually use just my concealer and powder then apply shadows… seriously, I can put it on at 6am and go out until 1am and it stays on… I use the tarte pro palette mostly, it has a nice range of colors… the colors are very saturated, whereas my blooms tartlette is a very basic bitch palette.

    1. Reply
      March 31, 2017 at 11:36 am

      I’ve snooped at Tarte products at Sephora, but I’ve never bought any before! I’ll have to put it on my list to try 🙂

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