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One of my favorite parts of reading blogs has always been the little glimpses that you get into someone else’s life. There’s something that’s so fascinating about peeping through a digital window to see how other people live. So in the spirit of that, I’m pushing my proverbial curtains open wide and bringing you along on an average morning at Casa Snark (with the help of a few GIFs…)

The alarm on my phone goes off at 7:30AM. I despair, silently, at how quickly the night passes. I usually put my glasses on, close my eyes, and give myself a 5-minute snooze…for some reason, I’m convinced that I can’t fall back asleep again if my glasses are on. After I turn the alarm off, I lie in bed and check any notifications I got during the night.

When I get out of bed, I start up the podcast I started listening to while I was getting ready for bed. (When I’m caught up on all my current episodes, I listen to old episodes of My Brother, My Brother and Me.) My phone sits on the bathroom counter as I get ready. I brush my teeth, take my morning meds, and (sometimes) wash my face. Then I start in on my hair. (For my full hair routine, click here!) Once I’m at least 80% happy with my hair, I switch over to makeup: brows, eyes, blush & highlight, lipstick. If I still want to tweak my hair a little, I’ll play with it some more after my makeup is done before giving it a spray.

My phone comes back to the bedroom with me while I get dressed. Some mornings I have a super clear idea of what I want to wear and it goes really quickly. Some mornings I end up sitting on the floor staring helplessly into my sock drawer for a while. Either way, I eventually end up putting clothes on my body. I accessorize and spritz on a small cloud of perfume.

Photoshoot time! I finally turn off my podcast because it automatically pauses when you hit the shutter anyway. I prefer to take detail/face shots first, then switch to my tripod to get full body shots. Don’t ask me why, I just do. I run back and forth, making sure photos aren’t totally hideous, until I feel like I have at least one or two candidates that are decent for posting. I squeeze in a couple more minutes of podcast while I pack my lunch; I really try to stay on top of bringing lunches from home…I only buy lunch once or twice a month (more $$ for clothes!), so I grab a plastic bag from the giant bag hoard under my sink and fill it up with occasionally a tasty well-planned out lunch and usually an assortment of food items that kind of make up a meal if you squint.

I turn off my podcast and put my phone in my purse because I’m forever paranoid about leaving it somewhere. I put on my shoes and coat, grab my purse and my lunch, and I’m off to work! I’ll eat some breakfast (usually a granola bar) once I’m settled in at my desk.

My morning routine is definitely pretty minimal…I’ve always struggled to wake up early in the morning; I remember being told in high school (which started at 7:25) that I’d get used to it, and honestly I never really did. Even when I go to bed early and get plenty of hours of sleep, it’s hard to get up in the morning. So most of my day-to-day routine decisions are built around leaving as little as possible to be done in the morning, so that I can sleep as late as I possibly can. A lot of times people tell me they have no idea how I have time to get so dressed up every day, and the only honest answer I can give is that it really doesn’t take very long. When I’m going to a party or event, I love lazily getting ready and spending an hour messing around with my makeup, but I pretty much have the routine down pat for your average work day, and I can zip through it and get out the door in under an hour.

How do you start off your mornings? Is it full of meditation and workouts and healthy breakfasts and journaling or do you just kind of zip through?

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