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I can’t even tell you how long I’ve been wanting a new sofa. It’s been an idle daydream of mine for years, and I’ve actually gotten really close  to pulling the trigger multiple times. But it wasn’t until a month ago that I finally went for it and placed an order from Joybird, a company specializing in made-to-order midcentury-modern furniture. Since I read a lot (a LOT) of reviews and recaps when I was looking to purchase my sofa, I wanted to share a comprehensive look at my experience buying a sofa from Joybird.

I spent a ton of time researching couches. The only couch I’d ever owned was a sofa I bought in the clearance section of a local furniture retailer when I was moving into my first apartment; it was a perfectly serviceable couch, but it was starting to get up there in years, and I really wanted to upgrade to something that was more my style. But you guys – furniture is expensive! Even a “budget” couch is a sizeable chunk of change, so I knew that I wanted to wait until I was ready to invest in a couch I knew I’d really love.

If you’re a fan of midcentury style who’s on the internet, it’s hard to avoid hearing about Joybird. I started seeing pieces from them pop up in furniture round-ups on blogs I follow, and I was definitely intrigued. There are so many lovely, pitch-perfect vintage-inspired pieces on the site, and I loved the idea of being able to construct exactly the sofa that I wanted, from the fabric to the stain on the legs. I spent a while drooling over the various pieces before I finally set my sights on the Hopson Apartment Sectional. I waffled back and forth about committing to a sectional; I was definitely worried about it overwhelming the space, but Joybird helpfully offers the “apartment” line of slightly scaled down furniture. I thought this would be the best way to maximize my seating space, and obviously this was going to be a major statement piece in my apartment: might as well go big or go home!

The ordering process was super easy and straightforward. You can get a free pack of swatches sent to you to make sure you’re picking out the perfect fabric – and if there’s a great sale you want to jump in on, you can also place your order and pick from your swatches after. Since I first started creeping on the site, I had teal in the back of my mind. I knew that I’d be happy with a classy grey sofa, but my heart…my heart was calling out for color! Like I said above, go big or go home – it had to be teal.

Like a lot of sites, Joybird offers financing options through Affirm. I actually set up a savings goal with Digit to help me squirrel away the money, but I did use Affirm financing when I bought my mattress. I had an overall positive experience with it – as with most financing tools like this, it can be a nice option if you’re 100% positive you can pay off the full amount within the given timeframe to qualify for 0% APR, but be aware that there’s a nasty APR waiting for you if you don’t.

But of course, the real fun starts after you order! Joybird sends you email updates as your couch gets built, letting you know when the fabric is getting cut, when the frame is built, and finally, when your sweet new baby is on a train heading for your home! It was hard to have to wait a month for my couch, so getting the little updates helped me feel like I was seeing progress and still involved in the process.

I was very excited to tell everyone that this was an Official Grown-Up couch that people were going to bring into my living room for me and everything. Delivery went really smoothly, and after about thirty minutes, there was a beautiful new couch in my living room!

Protip: when you decide 10 minutes after the delivery guys leave that you want it six inches to the right, magazines under the legs make it SO much easier to move!


The real question with buying a couch on the internet is, of course, is it comfy? I am pleased to report that my Hopson is very pleasant to sit on! As you can tell from looking at it, it’s definitely not a soft, squishy kind of sofa. It’s comfortable and nicely supportive; the regular sofa portion is just a tiny bit less deep than my ideal would be, since I prefer to sit with my legs tucked up next to me when I’m lounging at home, but who am I kidding: as if I’m ever going to sit anywhere but in that delightful snuggly corner! I’m so, so happy that I decided to go for it and get the sectional.

After the first week, I’m absolutely thrilled with my Joybird purchase! I will definitely check back in after a few months to let you know how things have held up and if I’m still in love with my couch after plenty of sitting, lounging, chilling, and hosting. I’m in the market for new throw pillows now, so I’ll hopefully have a styling post up in a little while too. If you have any questions about ordering from Joybird, please feel free to comment below, and I’m happy to answer if I can!

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