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I’ve been intrigued by Miss Candyfloss for a long time, but it was only in the past few weeks that I actually acquired some pieces from them. Funnily enough, I went from zero Miss Candyfloss to three dresses in the matter of just a week or so! So instead of reviewing a specific piece, I thought I’d share my overall thoughts and first impressions about the brand.

If you’re not familiar, Miss Candyfloss is a Swedish brand specializing in glamorous clothes inspired by the 1940s and 50s. It definitely leans heavily into the 40s side, which is fabulous. I will confess to being slightly confused by the sizing – the size chart provided on the site only goes up to 3X, but many pieces seem to be available up to 5X, so I’m not 100% sure what’s going on there or what the fit on larger pieces would be like. Pricewise, I would say that their garments, which are ethically produced in Europe under fair trade conditions (yay!), are in line with most other mid-to-higher end retro reproduction fashion brands.

Now, some of you may be wondering if I just snapped and went Candyfloss Crazy one day. My journey toward my first Miss Candyfloss purchase actually started way back in August! That was when I fell in love with the Brianna-Lee dress from the fall collection. I’m antsy about international purchases (it doesn’t help that the only fashion I’ve bought internationally, my Collectif Pearl coat, disappeared/was possibly held in customs purgatory for over a month), but then I realized I could get the coat through an American stockist…specifically, my lovely friends at Daisy Jones’ Locker! Although the physical DJL shop is located in Omaha, lots of pieces are also available to shop online, so check them out.

I knew that my first Miss Candyfloss dress would be winging my way once the full fall line was sent out to stockists in the, well, fall…but lo! What’s that on the horizon? It was an amazing Miss Candyfloss closet destash on a swap and sell Facebook group! With a brand I was eager to try, but had not yet gotten my hands on, available in my size for a hell of a discount…well. Reader, I bought two. Which is how two Miss Candyfloss dresses ended up scooping my original pick!

L to R: Brianna-Lee, Madison-Lee, Ella-Gia

In addition to the Brianna-Lee, I picked up Madison-Lee, which is the same dress in a different colorway, and the Ella-Gia (no longer on the site). The quality of all three dresses is fabulous. The fabric is nice and thick and heavy, and there are so many beautiful little details on each. I love how the back zip on the collared dresses actually stops short of the true top of the dress, leaving the collar intact. Those little things really make a difference in making a dress feel luxe. Most Miss Candyfloss dresses fall in the $120-140 USD range, and they’re definitely of the quality I would expect for that price. I love having super well-made, stylish dresses that are also great for work/a little bit more on the corporate side. I could see these working well for a lot of my fellow office gals. (For more ideas, check out my post on how to dress pinup at work!)

I do have a complaint/warning sizing-wise, which is that all of the dresses I purchased offer very little room in the bust. I’m on the busty side, and I definitely feel the squeeze in these – particularly the Ella-Gia, which has a side zip I couldn’t even get up all the way on my own because of my chest. The other two structured dresses do fit over my chest, but they don’t necessarily sit precisely correct. They’re a bit tight in the shoulders/back as well, but I think that’s probably because they’re barely accommodating my bust and pulling other bits out of whack. They’re the perfect fit at the waist, but in the future, I will most likely size up to accommodate my bust and depend on the belt to take in any slack. I would recommend any other well-endowed ladies plan on doing the same thing. I will say that the quality of the dresses are a saving grace here – even with a snug bust, I never felt like I was in danger of hulking out of the dress, and I do plan to keep these and continue wearing them.

Overall, I’m really pleased with my first exposures to Miss Candyfloss, and now that I’m aware of the sizing concerns I mentioned above, I’m a lot more confident about ordering more from them in the future.

Are there any new brands you’ve tried lately and are loving? Any brands you’d like to hear my perspective on? Let me know!

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    December 9, 2017 at 11:31 am

    Oh my gosh, those dresses all look AMAZING! I always add Miss Candyfloss’s dresses to my online shopping cart, end up removing them, then totally regret it once the dresses are sold out. It’s not the quality – it’s great! – and it’s not the style – it’s superb! – but it is the sizing. I fluctuate between size XS-S in the brand so I thought I should comment here for readers who’ll be looking for size consults:

    I have several of the brand’s clothes – 2 tailored tops, a pair of trousers, and the ever fabulous Gigi jumpsuit. I also purchased and returned due to bad fit several fishtail skirts and swing dresses. From experience I can tell you that their own size chart on the site is inaccurate. The sizing changes by item, and I do find that (that Dutch retailer) has the most accurate size chart and it’s best to consult each item’s listing on there even if you buy your Miss Candyfloss elsewhere. That’s why I say I’m both size XS and S, the dimensions really shift in the smaller sizes. Furthermore – for the small sizes at least – there is more than enough room in the bust. Too much room, in fact, as the cup size starts at C. Miss Candyfloss caters to classic hourglass figures and it makes the fit a bit harder for all other shapes, but I find that’s the case with most reproduction labels.

    1. Reply
      Penny Snark
      December 9, 2017 at 11:47 am

      Ah, this is such a helpful comment, thank you for sharing! I feel like bust issues like that are way too common – so many brands just take their “standard” medium or whatever and size it down or up without actually changing the shape of the bust, even though someone who’s smaller is likely to have less to fill those cups and someone larger is likely to have the cup runneth over, as it were.

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