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minnie mouse style

Minnie Mouse is having quite the style moment right now, but I’ve been a big fan of Ms. Mouse pretty much since birth. One of my very first stuffed animals was a Baby Minnie that my dad picked up on a business trip to Orlando just after I was born, and I’ve loved Minnie ever since! I just had to pick up a pair of Femme de Bloom’s Minnie Mouse cardigan clips, but I hadn’t had the perfect opportunity to wear them…yet…


Is there anything more Minnie Mouse than polka dots? I wish I had a full polka dot dress (add to the list!), but this top did an admirable job of adding some dots to my life.


I usually always wear my tops tucked into my skirts, but I wanted to get as much polka dot action as possible! I had initially planned to wear these clips on a black cardigan, but the red one let them stand out so much more.

And, best of all, after I’d decided to wear the Minnie Mouse clips, I glanced over at my dresser and saw…


The adorable yellow Barbie shoe earrings that I won from fabiicakes in Miss Lark Bahar’s Instagram giveaway! What could be a more perfect addition to a Minnie themed outfit than a pair of vibrant yellow shoes?? I got so many compliments on these shoe earrings throughout the day and from ladies online – they’re so quirky and fun!

And, because I am nothing if not resourceful, I snagged a ribbon that had been wrapped around a box and used it in my hair! I really do need to get a proper variety of hair scarves but until then, I’ll make it work with what I got.

I absolutely love wearing a theme outfit like this…I’ve been thinking about doing a post more about closet cosplay/Disneybound sort of ideas and how to make those, so let me know if that’s something that you would be interested in seeing!

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