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At the moment you read this, I am on a trip! I’ve already admitted that I’m terrible at packing, but there is one aspect of prepping for travel that I do feel pretty confident in: makeup. As someone who’s forgotten to pack eye shadow before, I know well how misplacing one crucial product can mess up your beauty plans. Especially if you’re hoping to carry-on your bag and need to avoid full size liquids and gels, it can take some puzzle-solving to figure out what pieces from your makeup collection should make the cut. Follow the jump for my top tips!

Consider the purpose of your trip

If you’re traveling to a photoshoot, or for a fabulous event like Dapper Day, you’ll probably want to dedicate additional suitcase space for your prestige foundation, a variety of lipsticks, and fun extras like glitter. However, if you’re attending a work conference and will spend every day in panels and educational sessions, you probably won’t have a lot of chances to wear your new metallic lipstick and might get away with a little powder.

Choose a palette

Literally and figuratively! Unless I’m going to a specific, glamorous event like mentioned above, I try to stick with a single eye shadow palette that I know I can easily use to create multiple looks. You’ll want to make sure it’s a palette that works well independently, featuring a nice variety of shades and shadows. Ideally, this will also be a nice, compact one, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

Depend on your tried-and-trues

There are enough unknown factors with travel already – you don’t need to have any unknowns on your face. While I’m at home, I love trying new products and giving new techniques a go, but travel time isn’t the time to experiment. Instead, make sure you’re bringing your everyday stalwarts with you to maintain your fabulous look while minimizing the effort and the number of products you need to bring.

Maximize impact with minimum space

You do, of course, still want to look fly while on vacation, especially if there’s a good photo opp or two to catch. If you want to bring a little extra pizzazz to your look, try to focus on products that are compact but make a major impact. Bringing along a second full-size eye shadow palette is going to be way more of a hassle than grabbing a few extra bullets of lipstick or adding a pot of glitter to your makeup bag.

What are your must-have makeup products while you’re traveling? Do you try to keep your beauty bag to a minimum or is it too hard to resist?

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