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I’ve actually been spending a fair amount of time out and about and enjoying the world this summer, so I haven’t had quite as much time for enjoying media as I usually do. But there are still those long days spent luxuriating in the air conditioning, so I’m back with some recommendations for you lovely ladies! I didn’t really intend to go into this with a specific theme, but as I was looking at my potential recs, they did all seem to fall in a neat line.


Heroine: There are some podcasts that I listen to religiously week after week, and there are some podcasts that I will randomly tune into when I need to feel something. I’ve really been enjoying slowly working through Heroine’s back catalog as I’ve needed it. It’s a podcast dedicated to interviewing creative women, and I’ve found pretty much every episode inspiring to listen to in some way. I find it super valuable to listen to other women talk about their creative and professional journeys. Plus, when I listen to it, I can count it as “working” on the blog! 😉


GLOW: The 1980s aren’t generally part of my retro fascination, but it was pretty delicious to take a hair-sprayed, neon trip back in time in this Netflix comedy about the creation of TV’s female wrestling show, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. It’s not a perfect show, but it’s so incredibly rare to have a show with so many female characters, much less women who have different lives and wants. It’s genuinely funny and pretty kickass too.


Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life: I’m probably the last writer to read this, but in case there are others out there, I’m here to say “Read Bird by Bird.” It’s a lovely, inspiring book for writers, but even if you don’t necessarily define yourself that way, it’s beautifully written, filled with small, delicate moments. It definitely inspired me to dedicate myself more to writing, whether it’s fiction or really focusing on creating the loveliest stories that I can here on the blog for you.

Obviously I’m all about creativity and female empowerment lately…have you been watching or reading anything great? Honorable mentions from me definitely go out to Kesha’s new music and the Black Panther trailer, both of which I’m hardcore into!

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