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I shared my last spooky-themed Listen/Watch/Read post back before Halloween, and I thought the new year was the perfect time to share some of the media that I’ve been enjoying lately. At least here in Wisconsin, it’s been bitterly cold, so I’ve spent plenty of time curled up under a blanket with something to stimulate the mind. If you’re looking for a diversion (whether you’re hiding from winter or not), read on after the jump!


I talked a little bit about my love for tabletop games in my round-up of cute Dungeons & Dragons-themed items, but when I’m not out adventuring with my party, I also like to listen to RPG podcasts. Namely: The Adventure Zone. The show starts off as a hilarious experiment with three brothers and their dad trying to play D&D…it never stops being hilarious, but it turns into something much grander. You’ll want to go back to the very beginning to listen to what’s now known as the “Balance” arc from the start – I know for some people, the first few episodes take some time to get into, but trust me that these characters and their stories gets so, so good as it progresses. They’re currently playing a few different shorter “test” arcs, and I’m super excited for “Amnesty,” the new urban fantasy arc that’s just starting.


I’m aware that I’m terribly behind the times here, but in case anyone else is here with me: Black Sails! This show is so, so good, and I have no idea why I waited so long to watch it. Though it’s officially a Treasure Island prequel, it’s very much it’s own story and knowledge of the novel isn’t required. Basically, Black Sails takes all the things that I love about pirate stories (swords! beautiful establishing ocean shots! constant machinations and betrayals!) and then adds all the things I love that are all too often left out of historical tales (queer characters! complicated and interesting female characters! philosophical ponderings of justice and colonialism!). Also there are so many really, really ridiculously good-looking people on this show. I am T H O R O U G H L Y obsessed, and all four seasons are currently available to stream on Hulu. (Content warning: although I very much enjoy the show, it does contain significant amounts of explicit physical violence as well as sexual violence against women. You may need to proceed with caution.)


There’s this little book series that you may have heard of about this boy wizard… Obviously I doubt anyone here who is the kind of person who would enjoy Harry Potter hasn’t read it yet (or needs me to recommend it to you), but a dear friend has been talking about a reread and I have a hankering to join her. It’s beenย such a long time since I read the earlier books, and I love the idea of starting off the new year by revisiting something that’s always held a very special place in my heart. So whether it’s good ol’ HP or something else, I’m going to recommend rereading an old favorite this month. See how it feels to dip your toes back into that world, and head into 2018 wrapped in a cozy literary blanket.

So that’s where I’m at lately! What have you been up to? I’m always looking for new podcasts, and I have Hulu now, so feel free to rec anything that I shouldn’t miss on there (not sure how long I’ll be keeping it after I’ve finished Black Sails…).

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