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Let’s go to (vintage) Disneyland

As I’m sure many of you can understand, Disney has always been my happy place. I used to go to Disney World regularly as a child, but even when it had been years, thinking about the most magical place on Earth can warm my heart. I love seeing photos from all the lucky APs on my Instagram feed, reading up on new construction, and re-watching travel shows (the Samantha Brown Christmas at Disney special is still pretty great).

I’ve been feeling like I could use a little magic in my life, so let’s set aside our woes and worries, just for a minute or two.

Let’s go to Disneyland.

From the collection of Vintage Disneyland Goodies

Thanks for the invite, Walt! We’d love to come.

Photo via James Fauset

Seeing these cars heading in just…makes my heart so happy. I love imagining how incredible it must have been to experience Disney for the first time, completely free of any knowledge or expectation.

LIFE Magazine photo via Disney and More

How fabulous is the lady in the hat?? Truly an inspiration to us all. Her little wicker purse is especially darling. I’m also a fan of the red skirt in front.

LIFE Magazine photo via Disney and More

LIFE Magazine photo via Disney and More

I can’t actually ride the teacups or, y’know, watch them for too long, because I get motion sick. But they sure are pretty!

LIFE Magazine photo via Disney and More

More fashionable ladies. I’m definitely having Dapper Day dreams looking at these stylish families! I also totally think these fab sunshades should replace boring old patio umbrellas.

LIFE Magazine photo via Disney and More

Dream job, am I right? So much tulle and floof and feathers and matching garters?? These ladies have it all, and perfectly color-coordinated to boot. Plus, they get to drink beer!

It is a small world after all, isn’t it? (This one is marked as the 60s, but it’s such a fun view of a classic attraction.) (Also I know I got the song stuck in your head, sorry not sorry.)

LIFE Magazine photo via Disney and More

Livin’ the dream. Don’t forget to leave space in your heart for a little magic and a little joy. It’ll be there when you need it.

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