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keep living that fantasy (overtone review)

I realized the other day that I talked about what my purple hair means to me on the blog, but I never actually talked about the thing that keeps my purple rockin’ day in and day out.

Any gal with fantasy hair knows the struggle of trying to keep your hair bright while still trying to keep it healthy, but despair no more! You can make your colorful hair last longer AND make it look less like straw at the same time!

The answer is Overtone.

Overtone is a color-depositing conditioner that magically adds color back to your hair every time you shower while giving it deep hydration at the same time. How cool is that? You can use it to keep your already-colorful hair fresh and funky, add it to bleac


hed hair as a dye, or even layer it over your natural color for a fun tint. After I dyed my hair purple for the first time, my color disappeared like a ghost. I started using Vibrant Purple Overtone, and until I got my hair redone a few weeks ago, that was my only dye. It packs a serious punch!

My loyalty is to the Go Deep Weekly Treatment. I had been buying the full “system,” which includes this weekly treatment and a daily conditioner, but honestly, I don’t feel like I got the oomph I was looking for out of the daily treatments. I only wash my hair once a week anyway, so the weekly is just fine for me. I like to wash my hair in cool water, let it dry, and then apply the Go Deep to my dry hair for maximum intensity. I let it sit for half an hour or so while I’m noodling around and watching TV, then I give it a rinse and voila! Color bright and fresh, like it’s just been done! I do also do an additional deep conditioning hair mask about every other time I shower, just to help heal the hair further.

The other day, one of my coworkers asked how I was doing my color. I explained about Overtone and she said, “I could tell…your hair is really bright, but it doesn’t look damaged.” I couldn’t ask for a better testimonial!

Overtone is vegan and smells delicious and minty, instead of like chemicals, which I love. If you’re using one of the vibrant or extreme colors, you definitely do need to wear gloves when you apply! I have learned that lesson more than once. I will say that it is a little pricey, but compared to the cost (both $$ and effort-wise) of constantly redoing your hair, I feel like it works out as a savings. I highly recommend Overtone to anyone with fantasy hair or who would like to add a little fantasy into their life! It’s easy and it works!

(This post is not sponsored in any way, for the record, I just really love the product! But if they wanted to send me a few free tubs, I wouldn’t complain.)


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