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the jell-o diaries: peachy berry mold

There’s something about me that says, “Give this woman vintage cookbooks.” My mom, my friends – when people see old cookbooks, they think of me, and I couldn’t be happier! One of the most prized pieces in my collection is this 1962 first printing of Joys of Jell-O. It’s full of beautiful, colorful illustrations of gelatin delights, and recipes for Jell-O snacks, desserts, “salads,” and (gulp) entrees.

I think everyone who lives some kind of vintage-inspired life is at least a little bit fascinated by Jell-O and the many ways it featured in the meals of the 50s and 60s. After flipping through Joys of Jell-O a few times, I just couldn’t shake the idea that I wanted to try some of these recipes for myself. I’m actually pretty fond of regular old Jell-O – my grandma’s cran-raspberry Jell-O mold is my favorite Thanksgiving dish, and I’ve even enjoyed a Jell-O shot or two in my day. People used to eat this stuff, after all. Maybe it’s better than it sounds???

For my first foray into vintage Jell-O recipes, I decided to keep things pretty simple, both recipe and flavor-wise. Come along with me as I make the Peachy Berry Mold!

Vintage Jell-O recipe

Found in the Desserts section of the book, the Peachy Berry Mold promises “a fruit mold that brings a bit of sunshine to your meal year round.” Who couldn’t use a little bit of sunshine? Not only that, but the ingredients were all things that I like perfectly well: canned peaches, frozen raspberries, and, of course, Jell-O.

Ingredients for vintage Jell-O recipe

I gathered my ingredients, started boiling some water, and away we went! The process was delightfully simple: mix Jell-O with boiling water until dissolved, and then in went the rest. Honestly, the longest part of the process was chipping the red raspberries out of my rather (cough) solid fancy berry medley.

Jell-O always takes longer to set than I expect, so I left this one overnight to make sure it was properly chilled…Roll that beautiful bean Jell-O footage…

So what’s the verdict on my first vintage Jell-O recipe?

…I actually quite enjoyed this one! It is pretty sunshine-y. Very sweet, but also nice and cool? Including the syrup from the peaches makes the Jell-O set a little differently, so it’s not quite as solid. Which you can probably tell from the photos…I tried to cut out a nice, neat slice, but it was not having it haha. I could see myself making this again, should the situation call for a Jell-O dish.

I’m feeling a bit more confident after this! Maybe I should try a recipe that’s a little more complicated…or stranger…

I’d love to know if you enjoyed this post, and if you’d like to see more Jell-O posts or more vintage recipes in general. Let me know below, and tell me if you’d try the Peachy Berry Mold.

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  1. Reply
    Thoroughly Modern Emily
    September 8, 2017 at 10:18 am

    Jello is glorious! And when I was in the supermarket last month, I suddenly remembered (after about 15 years) that I absolutely LOVE canned peaches. So yes, I think this is something I’d try making!

    1. Reply
      Penny Snark
      September 8, 2017 at 10:34 am

      I’m having a huge canned peach renaissance lately haha! I used to be alll about that canned fruit medley when I was a kid, and peach slices are just such a nice thing to have in your pantry/fridge for “I Need Fruit” emergencies.

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