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review: ida from BAIT footwear

It’s no secret that BAIT Footwear (“But another innocent tale…”) is the shoe of choice for many modern pinup girls and vintage enthusiasts. With sweet, classic styles that come in a veritable rainbow of beautiful colors, they’re hard to resist! Any popular brand comes with mixed reviews; some say BAIT shoes run big, others say they run small. Some swear by their quality, some complain about how quickly the colors get scuffed up. But I’veย decided this isย my Year of Shoes, when I finally level up my footwear game and leave the tyranny of black flats behind me, so I took the leap and ordered my first pair of Idas.

I spent a lot of time considering the different styles on the site. I wanted shoes that I could realistically expect myself to wear all day at work, which meant the heel had to be minimal. I came down to a decision between Ida and Ione; I have a tendency to “walk out” of my shoes, so the T-strap on the Ione was tempting, but I ended up settling on the sleek simplicity of Ida.

Beautiful retro style - BAIT footwear Ida in Lavender

How could I choose any color but lavender to start my collection with? BAIT does not offer size 9.5, which I would usually choose for heels, and recommends going a half size up if you have wide feet. I played it safe and ordered the 10. The shoes are, of course, too fucking adorable for words. I immediately felt at least 20 times more darling after putting them on.

Fit-wise, they aren’t quite perfect. Worn with tights/stockings, the size 10 is a bit loose in the heel while simultaneously a little tight in the toe box. Even if there had been a 9.5 in this style, I think it would have been too narrow, but the 10s are a little longer than I’d prefer, giving me that tenous “slipping” feeling. That said, after a few laps around the office, I got much more comfortable walking in them. I’m sure that the shoe will flex to fit my foot, and I can always use a heel insert if the length continues to bother me. It isn’t my ideal fit, but the shoes are definitely more than cute enough to make up for it!

Beautiful retro style - BAIT footwear Ida in Precious Blue

After I’d ordered my lavender Idas, BAIT just happened to pop up on Zulily and, well, it seemed irresponsible to not take the opportunity to grab another pair. Two colors isn’t quite a rainbow, but it’s a start! This pair (“precious blue”) actually fits slightly tighter than the lavender…pretty close to my ideal fit, in fact. So there may be some minor variation across colorways, but nothing that I think would be likely to sway you one way or another on size.

Have you tried BAIT Footwear? Do you have a favorite style from their collection?

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