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going batty: bat-themed accessories for spooky ghouls

I’m a fan of pumpkins, and I’m terribly fond of skulls, but out of all the spooky symbols, my heart truly belongs to bats. There’s something about a bat silhouette that’s so evocative of all things strange and unusual. And real live bats are such sweet, helpful creatures – they eat the bugs! Ever since I put up my DIY bat wall last year, bats have become something of a calling card for me, so as the season of spookiness arrives, I wanted to pull together a round up of bat-themed accessories. These piees are perfect for adding a touch of ghoulish glam to your look year round, but especially at Halloween!

*As always, I have not purchased from all of these stores and cannot make any guarantees regarding the quality of the items. Some links in this post are affiliate links.*

Vegan leather bat choker

After miss_crystalinne posted about this collar/choker from The Pale Corvus, I knew that I had to have it. It’s so classy and chic, and I definitely don’t own anything like it. I love having an interesting collar on a top, so I’ve been meaning to pick up a piece like this to experiment with. This one is actually on its way to me right now – I’ll definitely share my thoughts when I have it!

Bat enamel pin

As much as I love all things spooky, there’s definitely a special place in my heart for the spoopy! This precious spoopy bat pin from Ugly Plants is too cute for me to handle. His adorable little face! His cute little bowtie!!

Bat & stars lucite brooch

I’m a big fan of Summer Blue Jewelry (read my review from last year here), and I love this celestial-looking brooch and earring set. I always like Halloween-inspired pieces that don’t necessarily have a traditional Halloween color scheme. All the better for wearing all year round!

There are a lot of different versions of bat bows, but I’m especially fond of this one from LuminescenTea. Look at that cute little star charm! It’s got plenty of drama but still errs mostlyyyy on the side of being a hairbow which makes it totally acceptable for everyday wear, right? (Right!)

Bat wing garters

Motherfuckin’ BAT GARTERS!!! Not gonna lie, trying to pick a single bat-themed piece from Stockholm Child was a serious struggle because I want it all, but these garters were so deliciously unique that they ultimately had to win out. But if you’re a bat aficionado like myself, I definitely recommend taking a scroll through the whole shop.

Femme de Bloom is another one of my favorites (read my review!), so I was really excited to include these collar clips from her Halloween collection. I’m really digging the mismatched collar/cardigan clips thing lately, so this pairing of a bat and a coffin is absolutely delightful.

Bat purse

This adorable bat bag from Titina Accessories has totally won my heart. He would be a perfect companion for Halloween shopping, attending seances, spooky ladies night, and all the other events in a busy ghoul’s calendar.

Mesh lace bat wings

I saved the most Extra for last. No, I can’t tell you where you can wear this stunning pair of mesh lace bat wings from Vide Noir…except for EVERYWHERE, because you’re a goddamn vampire queen and you can do whatever you want. 🦇

The Glam Ghoul’s Guide to Halloween returns! Check out previous posts & stay tuned for more spooky style, crafts, & more.

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  1. Reply
    Miranda 🎃🖤✨ (@spkyhalloween)
    September 26, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    So many cute bat things I need! And I love that they’re perfect for all year long, not just Halloween season.

    1. Reply
      Penny Snark
      September 26, 2017 at 3:23 pm

      Right? It’s always appropriate to show off your bats!

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