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gift guide: the glamazon

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance that you know a glamazon if you are not, in fact, one yourself. In many instances, a gift card or certificate is an awesome choice for the glamorous sort – the gift of more shopping is always a good gift, and attempts to purchase makeup or clothing are only advisable if you know the recipient extremely well. But “buy a gift card” is a pretty crummy gift guide, and I can also say with confidence that we fancy ladies ALSO love unwrapping things, so I’ve gathered some glitzy gifts that might delight the glamazon in your life.

Beauty sleep is a necessity for glamor, and these adorable sleep masks from Sugar Lace Lingerie guarantee a sweet night’s sleep. The combination of marabou, bows, and little kitten ears make these absolutely too cute. I can’t even deal!

I’m not gonna lie, this gift guide miiiight be a tiny bit like my personal wishlist, and I’ve been eyeing up these stunning glitters from Lemonhead.LA for a longg time. Described as “mess-free glitter for adults,” these blends look absolutely gorgeous, and if Trixie Mattel likes it you know it’s gotta be something special, honeyy.

One of my personal favorite types of gifts are the simple splurges. Not necessarily something super fancy, but the fancy version of an item that the recipient probably wouldn’t usually spring for themself. The beautiful new luxury false lashes from Ash Lash definitely fall into that category for me. Any glamazon on your shopping list would feel delightfully spoiled by a pair of these.

I’m a big fan of what I call “femme upkeep” days: a lazy day spent re-dyeing my hair, painting my nails, and doing other soothing beauty-related tasks. When I’m having one of those days, I could definitely use this amazing robe from Sugarbone, just in case anyone got the wrong idea. (JK, I’m a hermit.)

A glamorous gift doesn’t have to be expensive! I was pleasantly surprised and totally captivated by these faux fur slippers at Target. They come in black, white, baby blue, wine, and PINK, and they’re incredibly soft and affordable.

Everyone loves macarons! And everyone loves them even more when they’re soap! Say what?? It’s true – this pastel rainbow of macarons is actually a gift set of soap from Sunbasil Soap.

So…does anyone want to hold my credit card for me to keep me from buying everything in this gift guide???

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