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Although I don’t go quite as all out as I do for Halloween, I do love wearing festive outfits around Christmastime! I have a look in mind for my family’s actual Christmas celebration, but before that comes around I thought I’d chronicle a few of the seasonal outfits I styled this year. Follow me after the jump to see ya girl all dressed in holiday style. (#PUNALERT)

Blue Christmas. This one is more wintery than Christmas specifically (and could definitely make a great Hannukah dress too!), so it’s usually one of my choices for kicking off a season of holiday looks. I’ll keep wearing this one after the holidays are over too, enjoying that fabulous snow fairy vibe.

Fa la la la la! This was my outfit to go see A Christmas Carol, and I got so many compliments on my skirt. Which, y’know, is fair, because it’s a really amazing skirt. I have this Banned Apparel sweater in like 3 different colors, because it’s super versatile and lovely for winter fashion. Plus there are tiny bows on the sleeves!

This skull and crossbones holiday sweater from Hell Bunny is one of my very favorite holiday pieces! It’s so cute and versatile, and you can style it up creepy or just wait and see if people notice there are skulls mixed in with the snowflakes. I kept it a little more traditional this time and paired it with candy cane striped earrings from Luxulite.

Unfortunately, this is about when it started getting really dark in the morning, and my full outfit pic didn’t turn out so great. But I couldn’t resist including this beautiful ornament print scarf! I got this for Christmas from my mom last year, so I’ve been literally waiting all year to have the chance to wear it! It was such a lovely festive addition to this Audrey dress from Lindy Bop.

And, of course, my PEAK FESTIVE: the office Christmas party! I was quite pleased with my kitschy reindeer theme, though I did step slightly out of the theme to fit in my “Go Go Flamingo Christmas” socks because what says kitschy more than flamingoes wearing Santa hats??? In case you were wondering, yes, my headband did light up, and it was the best. Tragically, I was bested in my constant quest to win “Most Festive” by a light-up Cheesehead which, fair, but I’m still happy with the look and will be back and EVEN MORE festive next year!

I’m actually having part one of my Christmas celebrations tonight – can’t wait to jingle the night away with the fam! After that, the full family Christmas will be on Sunday. If you have Christmas plans, I hope all of your presents are beautifully wrapped, your eggnog is nog-y, and your travels are safe. Merry Christmas!

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