cute dungeons & dragons gear for girly geeks

Thanks to the rampant misogyny in geek circles, I have two very distinct impulses when it comes to anything nerdy. The first is to react against the fetishizing of “geek girls” by blending in; I can kick ass and drink Mountain Dew in oversized nerdy t-shirts just as well as any dude. The second is to go as ultra femme as possible and relish in  getting my GIRLY PINK GEEKDOM all over their precious red and black manly aesthetic. I’m sure most of you can guess which way I usually end up going.

I had the good fortune to join up with an all-female Dungeons & Dragons campaign last year, and it’s definitely been one of the raddest experiences of my life. I’ve always loved storytelling and acting, so it’s no surprise that I’d be into tabletop RPGs! I’ve rounded up some fun, cute Dungeons & Dragons gear for geek girls and anyone else who appreciates the femme side of geek life.

Roleplaying dice set with roses

Every adventurer needs some cute dice, right? I only have one set right now, but my dice lust is great…and nothing puts stars in my eyes like this gorgeous set from Little Cluus with an individual faux rose set inside each die.

Play like a girl nerdy totebag

I have a “Fight Like a Girl” sticker on my laptop, so of course I love this D20 Play Like a Girl totebag from SimplyPrintLA. Perfect for the player (or especially DM) on the go!

Potion of Healing Starbucks cup

Feeling a little low on hit points energy? Fuel back up with this super cute Potion of Healing-themed reusable Starbucks cup.

Dungeons & Dragons stickers

What wouldn’t be improved with the addition of one of these rad stickers? There are a few other options for difference classes…personally, I’m a fan of “Necromantic.”

Dungeons & Dragons spinner enamel pin

“Roll High or Die.” The rule all tabletop gamers live by. Out of all the items in this post, this enamel spinner pin is the only one that I didn’t manage to resist buying before I was even done writing it, so…there you go.

Crit Happens mug

I couldn’t help including another mug! My D&D ladies are known to drink tea together during late winter sessions, so you can never have too many cute mugs. (We also have been known to drink wine out of tea cups.)

D20 Keychain

A cute little dice buddy to always keep by your side! I’m low-key wishing this keychain came in pink…

Dungeons & Dragons stickers

These stickers designed by Steve Stivaktis are too great (and too true!). He has a few other D&D-inspired designs as well, including one that says “Initiative Rolls, Not Gender Roles” which is pretty much the best.

Roll like a girl shirt

And finally, a super cute shirt designed by Alysa Avery for all of your girly D&D needs! With bonus retro flash art-inspired style.

Do I have any other lady tabletop gamers out there? If you’ve been considering trying D&D, I highly recommend it, especially if you can find a campaign with other women!

What do you think?