confessions of the prodigal packer

From a combination of work and personal adventures, I’ve been traveling much more in the past year or so than I ever had before. Every time I go on a trip, part of me says that I should write a packing tips post. But every time, the rest of me says no, because that helpful little post about how to minimize stress and pack smarter would be a dirty, dirty lie.

I am terrible at packing.

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I always start with the best intentions. “Plan out your outfits,” I tell myself, pulling clothes off of hangers. “Pick a color scheme.” But what if I don’t feel like wearing this blouse with this skirt? I better bring a second option or two…and what if it’s warmer than I expected? Or cooler? What if I decide I want to wear shorts even though I always wear a dress? What if everyone else is wearing something really fancy, I wouldn’t want to feel underdressed…and suddenly, my suitcase is overflowing.

It’s not that I don’t understand the principles of efficient packing. As Marilyn Monroe said as Sugar Kane in Some Like It Hot, “I can stop any time I want to…only, I don’t want to.” I like choosing my outfit on the spur of the moment. I like having options, even when I’m traveling. I’ve always been a fickle person…I can change my outfit again and again just for a day of work. I certainly want to have every opportunity to look my best when I’m on vacation! I’m especially terrible at accessories; my makeup bag is always absolutely filled with earrings and necklaces and brooches that I just might want to wear. You never know!

Now, I do follow some basic guidelines to keep things a little under control. I generally eschew petticoats or anything else that will take up a ton of room in my suitcase. Similarly, I try to pick shoes that will work with a variety of outfits…comfort is always a big consideration factor for me in shoes, so it’s easy to put that on the top of the priority list.

I don’t forsee myself becoming a more efficient packer in the future…if nothing else, I’m building some muscle carting those bags around!

Are you the kind of gal who has to sit on her suitcase to get it shut? Or are you perfectly organized?

PS: I was included in Independent Fashion Bloggers’ June 29th Links à la Mode!

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