spring shoes for vintage gals

I am craving new shoes so hard right now. I’ve been wearing my plain, sensible black flats for too long…I want colors, sparkles, some extra flair! Lo and behold, one of my everyday pairs of black flats have given up the ghost. Which means it’s time for some replacements! Let’s do some virtual shoe shopping, shall we? (The links in this post are affiliate links – shopping using them puts a few cents in my shoe fund with no extra cost to you.)

If you don’t get this, watch this.

Let’s get look at some shoes.

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tiki temptations

As you can probably guess from my blog and…well, everything about me, I’m pretty much in love with all things tiki. And since it’s been a while since I did a wishlist/round-up post, I thought I’d share a few of the tiki-tastic treats that have been tempting me lately.

audrey hair flower

First up the piece that inspired this round-up: this Audrey 2 hair flower is one of the greatest things I’ve seen in my entire life! It’s got that perfect mix of pretty and creepy that I can never resist.

blue tiki necklace

It was hard to pick which necklace to include from Summer Blue – there are so many gorgeous, colorful options! But I had to go with this one that includes both my  favorite fruit (pineapples!) and a fun twist on tiki style with the brightly colored tiki heads.

dole whip

I know I’m not the only one head over heels for the delicious Disney Dole Whip! I love the pieces that I won from Le Petit Mouse in Miss Lark Bahar’s giveaway, and this precious Dole Whip brooch/pendant might just have to make its way into my life…

smuggler's cove

You gotta know your tiki history! I’ve heard Smuggler’s Cove  is the resource book for tiki enthusiasts, and it’s definitely on my Amazon wishlist!

tiki room ears

Okay, so I’ve been having a serious problem with Mickey ears lately, which is that I want to buy a million of them even though I have absolutely no reason to! I love how creative and unique these Enchanted Tiki Room-inspired ears are; they ALMOST feel like maybe I could get away with wearing outside of a Disney park…maybe??

tiki menu skirt

This list couldn’t be complete without the absolutely adorable tiki drinks skirt from The Oblong Box Shop. I already own a Sneaky Tiki skirt from here, but this print is so cute. I don’t know how any tiki princess could resist for long (I’m sure I won’t be able to…)

And those are my tiki temptations! Probably not good for my wallet or yours, but oh so lovely to admire.

Have you seen any great tiki pieces lately? Let me know! I’m always looking 😉

wishlist: pineapples!

Pineapples are having a real moment right now, which is 100% okay with me because I am super into pineapples. Not only are they delicious, but they say “tikifabulous” more than any other fruit. And I certainly want my life to be as tikifabulous as possible.


  1. Wooden bowls: I’m absolutely obsessed with the vintage wooden pineapple bowls that are all over Etsy. They’re so charmingly rough-hewn, they really have an island vibe.
  2. Rug: This rug would be great for adding a little bit of funky flair to an entryway or a kitchen.
  3. Candle: I actually do own this, but it’s so great I had to include it. I can’t wait to burn down the candle and have an awesome little pineapple jar to fill with, IDK, candy or secrets or something.
  4. Barware: Okay so I am absolutely obsessed with everything on this website. These are gorgeous and obviously high quality…one day I swear I’ll own one!
  5. Hooks: Give your house a little bit of that island flair!
  6. Necklace: These are so delicate and pretty. I would wear it…90% of my days.
  7. Lamp: Target is seriously on their game with the pineapple merch this season! How many white ceramic pineapples is too many?
  8. Purse: Of course, the ultimate way to bring your tropical style with you everywhere you go. It’s so charming, I can’t even stand it.

Are there any pineapples on your wishlist?

Disclaimer: I have not ordered from the majority of these stores & can’t vouch for the actual products.