business glam ootd (& society+ tutu review)

It’s been a really long time since I shared a straight-up outfit of the day post! If you follow my Instagram, you’ve been seeing my outfits, but I don’t usually chat too much about the look itself (I’m much more into the sardonic quote + emoji caption…). I’ve been having a lot of fun putting together new looks this spring, but Wednesday was one of my very favorite outfits for a long time. And, based on the reaction from coworkers and event attendees, it was a big hit in general! How does a colorful pinup unicorn princess do “business professional”? FInd out after the jump!

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It’s hard not to feel like a princess when you’re wearing a tulle skirt. I’ve been yearning for one for yearssss, and I finally picked up this gorgeous one from Society+ (which is 30% off right now! Go go go!). This skirt is such a lovely blush color, and it has the perfect amount of volume. I love how opaque the layers of tulle are, though there is a nice silk underskirt to make sure nothing’s scratchy & your modesty remains intact. The only downside, for me, is like most tutus I’ve seen, this one has an unattractive white elastic waistband. It came with a length of ribbon I assume was meant to be used as a sash, but after just one wear, the ends of the ribbon were already starting to fray. I kidnapped this sash from another dress, which worked out quite well. A wide belt would be another solid option. It looks good, and it’s not a huge deal, but like a lot of plus size ladies, the waistbands of my skirts tend to shift around throughout the day, through sitting and standing and such. It’s an extra piece of annoyance to be continually adjusting your sash to make sure everything is in place and properly covered. That said, some extra fiddling is definitely small price to pay for such a glam piece.

I’ll warn you right now: a tutu is not for shrinking violets. You will get a lot of comments on it. I honestly can’t even tell you how many times someone passing by said, “I love your skirt!” So, of course, for a Tinkerbell-type like myself (I need applause or I’ll die!), it’s the perfect piece.

Wednesday was a big annual event at my job, and it’s always a little bit of a question mark for me when “business attire” is on the table. I certainly can dress down and pull together a conservative look, but…I don’t want to. Luckily, this is event is half business, half party, so I took that ratio to heart in creating my outfit. I paired my floofy tulle skirt with a new blouse from New York & Company and The Blazer. This is my one blazer, and I wear it whenever I want my outfit to say, “Yes, hello, I am a professional type human.” Which, for the most part, is every year for this event. My BAIT footwear Ida kitten heels were a good choice for the evening, though even that low heel had my feet crying by the end of the night. There’s so much standing when you’re mingling!

I’m very fond of my new tops from New York & Company, including this one, but they are all quite sheer. It’s an issue quickly resolved with a few camisoles from Target, but keep that in mind. I always find it vaguely baffling when I order clothes from a work-focused website and discover upon arrival that as-is they are completely inappropriate for work. Why do you do this to me, New York & Company? (Your deals are too good for me to be mad at you for long…)

I will also say that, as someone who doesn’t wear blazers much, it was super fun to actually have a lapel to put my lapel pin on.

Would you wear a tulle skirt to a business event? I have a whole post about how to bring retro style into the workplace in an appropriate way if you’re looking to translate your pinup fashion into a business casual world.

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