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belle blossoms beauty box review (july)

Hair flowers are often the perfect cherry on the expertly crafted sundae of a pinup ‘do, but I’ve always been a little shy about wearing them. I was never really sure which ones I should buy or where exactly they should go, but when I saw that Belle Blossoms was offering a special custom beauty box for the first time, I decided there’s no time like the present to take the leap!

Belle’s Beauty Box from Belle Blossoms is a magical box of surprises! Each box contains 3-5 vintage accessories, ranging from hair flowers to jewelry. You fill out a little survey so your box includes something perfect just for you, which I absolutely loved! That personal touch is something you don’t get from other subscription or surprise boxes.


Special delivery indeed! My box came on Saturday morning, and I couldn’t to tear into it and see what surprises I might find.


I really felt like I was getting a present when I opened the box! It was such a nice, special touch that made the whole experience feel even fancier. And once I unwrapped that ribbon…


A veritable BOUQUET awaited me! You should have seen my face when I unwrapped the package…I might have gasped a little bit. The box also came with a card to explain what was inside, but of course I opened it up first. I didn’t want to ruin the surprise!

How about a little modeling?


The big red zinna is a fabulous statement piece, and as you saw, I immediately wore it out to the Blue Ribbon Beer Run that very day!


The survey asked what color your hair was, and I am absolutely OBSESSED with how gorgeous these purple and white blooms look against my hair!


Another gorgeous cluster of flowers…the pink of this one is such a lovely match to the Evelyn dress I wore today, and I think this piece will look especially good with a new dress that I have on the way right now!


I also received a chiffon scarf in my favorite color – green! This is actually my first proper chiffon scarf…I have a few of my grandmother’s vintage scarves, but no nice square ones for hair styles!


I also received this beautiful floral bobby pins, a pair of spider earrings, and (and!!) a hanging flower storage ribbon, which I think is just the cleverest thing ever. As a new owner of hair flowers, I definitely need someone to store them all! What a great idea to include it in the box!

As you can probably tell, I was absolutely enraptured with my Belle’s Beauty Box! It was an incredible deal and so much fun to open it up and see what surprises were inside! Everything I got is lovely and well-made, and I’m so looking forward to wearing each piece. I hope that there’s another beauty box offered for next month, because I definitely want another one!

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