bad bitch aesthetic: debbie jellinsky

Being bad doesn’t mean you can’t look good. This new series is meant to honor the villains, antagonists, and all around bad bitches who rock their wicked style.

There’s no denying that Morticia Addams provides peak Aesthetic inspiration for spooky ladies across mediums. But if you’re creepy chick who lands more on the pastel side, there’s only one woman to turn to: the boss bitch of Addams Family Values, Debbie Jelinsky.


Hilariously portrayed by Joan Cusack, Debbie Jelinsky is a black widow serial killer who finally meets her match when she sets her sights on Fester Addams. And her style is On Point, highly covetable. She’s one of my all-time favorite bad bitches; I’m not even going to pretend that I don’t say “Don’t deserve love…and jewelry?” on a near daily basis. (And, well, don’t I???)

Debbie starts the movie off in this chic white number, the perfect prospective nanny. She’s almost constantly in whites and pastels throughout the movie – so bridal! The styles in this movie are unsurprisingly very late 80s inspired, and this one has a lot of the 80s-does-50s vibe, in my opinion! Check out that beautiful structured bust.


The pink date ensemble mayyyy be my very favorite out of all of Debbie’s outfits? Look at those SPARKLES! The delicate draping over the shoulders! And look at those precious little flower hair clips she’s paired with it. I can’t even deal. This is super sweet and demure, and I would 100% wear it.


Of course, under that cute fluttery little jacket is this gorgeous gown. Like, I would buy that dress today, no questions asked. All the better for digging up graves, right?

Not gonna lie, I’m pretty distracted my Morticia’s fabulous smoldering cocktail right here, but not SO distracted that I can’t notice adorable tiny sleeve buttons!

 You have to have a fabulous nightie for murdering your husband, right? With pearls, plz. (Also how hilarious is that boombox?) The lacy slashed sleeve is super funky.
Fabulous nighties part two! Nothing ensnares a man body and soul like marabou, am I right ladies? At least in my experience, I feel like Joan Cusack is primarily known for her comedic chops (which are formidable), but she’s also totally stunning in this movie!
And the grand finale: an outfit to kill your husband and his entire extended family in. This is definitely Debbie’s most iconic look, and for good reason. The scarf! The sassy off-the-shoulder knit number! The pump-action shotgun! She’s definitely a beautiful psycho ballerina Barbie, and I love her.
So that’s my first bad bitch! This idea came to me at work, and I was super into it, so I hope that you enjoyed it! Is there a villain or other bad girl whose style you admire? Let me know in the comments!

Screencaps via Joe’s Movie Stuff blog.

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