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autumn accessories for thanksgiving

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is only two weeks away – how is that even possible? I’ve been trying to enjoy each season this year, which means resisting the urge to run full tilt into Christmas and instead taking a pause to enjoy this delightful and frankly underrated holiday. So while I decide what to bring to my office’s Thanksgiving potluck (I’ve signed up for “Other: Savory”…any suggestions?), I did a little digital window shopping for cute autumnal accessories that would be perfect for a Thanksgiving celebration.

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Acorn necklace and earrings

Acorns, leaves, and toadstools: too cute! This necklace and earring set from Summer Blue Jewelry absolutely captured my heart. It sits perfectly on that line between classy and playful, bringing a little bit of a kitschy fun to an ensemble without going overboard into feeling cartoon-y.

Pumpkin pie jewelry

Look at that tempting little pumpkin pie…surprise! It’s a beautifully molded necklace from Cobalt Moon Jewelry! I don’t actually even like pumpkin pie (I know, I know), but I’m still so tempted to wear this darling little treat. It’s so perfect for a Thanksgiving feast, whether or not you decide to pair it with matching slice earrings.

Boutique JuJu creates absolutely stunning rhinestone designs as jewelry and hair accessories, like these lovely hair pins. These almond shape stones remind me so much of true vintage pieces that my grandmother has given me – it definitely has a very traditional vintage style. The amber color is so gorgeous, and I think it would look really lovely with pretty much any hair color.

Harvest time is perfect for slightly rustic, bountiful floral clips like this one from The Honeycomb. I’m so in love with the inclusion of some leaves and greenery and fall berries; it looks so fresh and dreamy, like a bouquet you might have gathered wandering through a field of tall, drying grass.

These golden leaf bobby pins from Luxe Buffalo are another subtle accessory that could be seen as ordinary if they weren’t so gorgeous. Just look at those details! These would be great slipped in to accent an updo or just on their own to add a little glint if you’re wearing your hair down.

Okay, this isn’t an accessory in the traditional sense, but you have to make sure your kitchen is dressed up for the occasion too, especially if you’re hosting! Conrad Crafting Co has this beautiful screenprinted tea towels referencing one of the greatest articles ever, the rallying call of all autumn lovers.

Have you thought about what you’re going to wear for Thanksgiving? I hope some of these beautiful autumn-inspired accessories have inspired you!

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