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attending miss ruby’s beauty school

Guess what, nerds – ya girl is now a professional hair-doer! Okay, that might be a bit of an overstatement, but I am officially a graduate of Miss Ruby’s Beauty School. When I saw that Miss Rockabilly Ruby was coming to the Midwest at last, I jumped on tickets right away…but I admit that I was a little worried about what I would get out of the class. Did I have enough hair skill to keep up? Find out & hear the whole story after the jump!

Sometimes it’s frustrating to live in a city that a lot of tours skip, but luckily Chicago is a pretty easy trip to make! I hit the road on Sunday to head to Rev. Billy’s Chop Shop, where the class was held. I saw a gaggle of pinup girls milling around on the sidewalk and immediately knew I was in the right place!

I actually met Ruby and her husband when I did a photoshoot with them the day before (look for that post coming soon!), but I was definitely still a little bit starstruck seeing one of my vintage hair inspirations working her magic right there in front of me! The biggest impression I got watching her work is that she’s not really a hair stylist…she’s a sculptor who just happens to work in the medium of hair. Each of the three looks she created was seriously a work of art. In the Chicago class, we learned how to do two updos and those enviable vintage waves.

The class description stated that you do not need to be a professional stylist to attend, and I definitely can confirm that. There were multiple stylists in attendance, but I would venture that the majority of my fellow students were just vintage enthusiasts like myself, and I didn’t feel lost or out of the loop at all without professional hair knowledge. I probably would not recommend the course to a total beginner; the demonstrations do go from curl set to a finished style, but I’d advise vintage hair newbies to familiarize themselves with some of the basics through Youtube videos or other tutorials so you can really focus on those special tips and tricks that will (hopefully!) take your hair styling game to the next level. I feel like I have some good ideas about things I want to try the next time I attempt an actual Style, which has always been a weak point for me.

I had actually totally forgotten until the day before that the course fee included a goodie bag! I never say no to free stuff, but it was especially awesome to have the opportunity to go home and immediately try some of Ruby’s go-to products. The bag included three full-size (!!!) Kenra Professionals products, plus a sweet little hair flower from one of my own favorite businesses, Pinup in a Pack! We also got snacks, including tasty emapanadas and a taco bar from Dia De Los Tamales! Honestly, one of my favorite parts about classes or events like this is the opportunity to hangout with other vintage ladies – I loved checking out all the different outfits, and you know you’re in a room full of pinup girls when everyone chuckles knowingly about panicking halfway through a brushout.

Blurry & sweaty is how I live my life.

Thank you again to Miss Ruby for making it to the Midwest! I can’t wait to try out my new tricks, and I would highly recommend any gal who wants to up her hair styling game and learn a few new tricks attend Miss Ruby’s Beauty School.

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