aesthetic: retro space babe

Space: the final frontier! I totally nerd out for NASA (even though I’m also sort of terrified of space???), but there are times that I’m a little disappointed that space didn’t end up being the groovy, bubble-helmeted, raygun-filled place that we used to imagine. But just because the reality of space exploration is still on the harder scientific size, that doesn’t mean we can’t live out our sci-fi vixen dreams! So come along with me as we venture into the stars and enjoy the aesthetic of the retro space babe.

Dogs (and rayguns) are a space babe’s best friend. I want to wear this outfit out and about this weekend, TBH. Boots included.

Now this is a pageant I think I could win! I like that her space helmet is built to fit her victory rolls.

You can tell by the number of lightbulbs on her head that she meansΒ business. This space chick isn’t taking shit from anyone.

To tell you the truth, I’m not entirely sure what exactly a bubble helmet is going to do if the entire rest of your body, including a significant amount of bare skin, is exposed to the inifinite vaccuum of space.

No self-respecting space babe would let herself be manhandled by some cowboy. (Is this what Cowboys Vs. Aliens was based on?)

No lie, I would totally wear a clear plastic trenchcoat right here on Planet Earth. The shoes aren’t too bad either.

Get your damn hands off me, Jeffrey.

Would you be a retro space babe given the opportunity? Are you more of a Mysterious Alien Queen type or a Plucky Female Astronaut type?

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