5 vintage wallpapers I wish were dresses

My friends say, “It looks like grandma wallpaper, in a good way” about my outfit. I tell my tattoo artist, “I just want it to be like…really pretty vintage wallpaper.” To me, vintage wallpaper isn’t just good for home decor — it’s a source of fashion inspiration too! So, to celebrate fabulously tacky (and also just plain tacky) wallpaper, here are five wallpapers that I wish were dresses I could put on my human body.

Dining room with walls and ceiling covered in navy wallpaper with bright green flowers.

Photo via Star Tribune

Can I just say how much I respect the Commitment To Aesthetic it takes to slap crazy ass wallpaper on all four walls, the ceiling, AND your seat cushions??? This is a really unusual colorway for a floral print…it almost reminds me of stars from a distance.

The yellow in this one is so fun and cheery, but it’s anchored by the green branches. This one is definitely sundress material — wearing this by the lake with a cute little straw boater hat this summer? Hell yeah.

The trees are cute, but the little birdies totally make this one for me. It makes me think of the play clothes that Maria makes for the Von Trapp children, and who doesn’t want to pretend to be a member of the Von Trapp family??

Like every vintage-loving gal, I dream of visiting the Madonna Inn. It’s hard to choose which of the fabulously wacky rooms I’d most want to stay in, but if the question is which one I’d most like toย wear, the answer is definitely the Love Nest.

Hallway with gold mirrors and light blue and white baroque wallpaper.

Photo via Interiorator

This pattern is so baroque yet so feminine. I would absolutely love a super floofy day dress in this, and I would wear flowers in my hair and probably be barefoot even though I hate being barefoot outside, but if I was wearing this wallpaper, I think it would be okay.

Who else wants to cover their body in beautiful old wallpaper? I just can’t help myself sometimes!

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