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5 spooky DIYs for ghouls who can’t wait for halloween

It’s still summer, but I know I’m not the only one who’s starting to get hyped up for everything autumn brings: cool weather, snuggly sweaters, and, of course, HALLOWEEN!

Okay, I know it’s way too early to start talking about Halloween, but there’s no law that all things spooky need to be contained to the month of October. If you’re a ghoul who loves a bit of gothic glam year round, check out one of these fun DIYs to get your Halloween fix.

Bat Backdrop

Is it cheating to include one of my own crafts? There are three things that I get comments on nearly every time I share photos: my hair, my glasses, and my bats! I originally shared instructions on making these easy DIY paper bats as part of my Halloween posting last year, but these bats have not only become part of my permanent decor, but also a bit of a trademark! They’re inexpensive and easy to make (all you need is paper and an adhesive!), and they make a big impact.

From The Shadow Studio (Shop is no longer active.)

Spooky Silhouettes

This is another craft centering around paper, though it requires more skill and a steadier hand than my easy bats! Silhouettes are such a classic vintage decoration, and I love the idea of creating silhouettes featuring the characters from your favorite spooky movies. I once made Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein silhouettes for a Halloween party, but I’d be proud to display Beetlejuice or Gomez & Morticia as permanent art in my home.

Skull Vase

Who doesn’t love a skull? I actually have a glass skull vase that I keep out all year, but this DIY foam vase from Persia Lou is the perfect mix of creepy and glamorous.

Palmistry Hand

I love the old-timey magical feel of palmistry models. Moth Haus posted this DIY, but it’s definitely an easy one to personalize. All you need is any hand sculpture, a palmistry diagram, and your imagination. This blogger put the hand inside an apothecary jar as a display, but I would love to use one as a jewelry display.

Ouija board tray

Another piece of old-school spookiness that’s irresistible to me: the ouija board! I absolutely adore this spirit board serving tray Krys from Melodrama created. While it’s certainly perfect for a Halloween party, I would proudly keep this tray on my coffee table every day of the year.

You know, I think that researching & writing this post had the opposite effect I had hoped…I don’t feel tided over, I’m more excited for Halloween than ever! Oops…

I’m definitely looking forward to sharing more spooky fun when the holiday gets closer…if there are any posts you would particularly like to see, let me know!

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  1. Reply
    August 11, 2017 at 8:54 am

    These are awesome!! I’m definitely going to copy your bat wall!

    1. Reply
      Penny Snark
      August 11, 2017 at 9:02 am

      Yesss do it! Bats are the best

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  3. I want all of these!! What a great round up.

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