5 floral manicures I wish I could do

I go through phases with my nails. For a while I’ll be satisfied with a nice, simple coat of polish. And then I’ll start thinking about nail art. I look at tutorials. I scroll through Pinterest. “I could do that,” I think to myself. I attempt the nail art. I cannot do it. I give up on nail art and go back to just plain painted nails…until the cycle begins again.

Floral everything has captured my heart this spring, and manicures are no different. This time,  I thought I’d share the nail art I’ve been fixating on…maybe some of you with more artistic tendencies than me can actually make use of them.

This Laura Ashley-inspired design is so soft and dreamy. I like how the yellow bloom is a little unexpected.

These are almost like a watercolor. The blue definitely adds a lot to the design.

This manicure is less like a floral wallpaper and more like a china pattern. As much as I love full floral all the time, the plain nails definitely help the other ones pop.

Not all floral has to be pastel! The darkness of this manicure is gorgeously unexpected, and I love how classy it looks.

I saved this one for last, because it makes me angry. I’d be thrilled if I could paint this on a wall much less on my own damn fingernails. It’s so beautiful, I feel like if my nails looked like this, I would just dip them in shellac so they would be perfect forever.

Am I the only one who’s hopeless with nails? I’m lucky if I can even get a coat of polish on decently, much less paint some beautiful flowers on there. That’s why I cheat with nail wraps when I want to get fancy!

Turn heads with your hands this spring with DIY floral nail art

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