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A fabulous retro hair ‘do can easily take your look to the next level, but vintage hairstyling can be one of the toughest parts of the look to master. As someone whose pre-pinup options for her hair were “down” or “ponytail,” it took a lot of practice and trial and error to get to where I am now with my hair…and I still have a long way to go! Practice makes perfect, but you can’t practice if you don’t know what to do. That’s why I’m thankful for Youtube! It was by watching video tutorials that I started to get the hang of wetsets, brushouts, updos, and more.

Today I’m sharing the ladies of Youtube who are my go-to gals for pinup hair tutorials.

A Vintage Vanity

Jennifer is definitely a top pick for me, because I have the best luck with her tutorials! Maybe she and I are just on the same wavelength, but I definitely have the highest success rate trying to recreate some of her looks…the way she explains things just make sense to me! Plus I get to see how a style might look on a fellow rainbow-haired babe.

Lisa Fremont Street

Ashley was the very first vintage hair Youtuber I ever watched! I’ve been following her videos for…gosh, like seven years now??? I definitely got my foundation in pinup styles from watching her, and I love how much she focuses on recreating actual vintage styles from movies or worn by various screen sirens.

Cherry Dollface

Cherry was the Youtuber I was watching the most when I really started to bring my idle daydreams about pinup style into reality! She has a great variety of tutorials at different skill levels, and she’s a lot of fun to watch.

Pinup Doll Ashley Marie

Of all the ladies in this list, Ashley’s style is probably the most different from mine, but her hair is always on point! Plus, half the fun of the fashion community is getting to see and appreciate what goes into someone else’s look!

Miss Victory Violet

Ella hasn’t posted as many tutorials as some of the other ladies on this list, but her look is pretty much Eternal Goals as far as I’m concerned. Plus, when you watch her videos you get to enjoy her adorable New Zealand accent!

Miss Rockabilly Ruby

Ruby focuses on her in-person hair classes, but she still has a few really fun tutorials on her channel. (And not to brag, but I’m going to one of those classes AND will be having my own human hair done by her for a photoshoot this fall! Ahhhh!!!)

Do you have a favorite pinup hair Youtuber? How do you pick up on new hair skills? I know there are a lot of vintage hairstyling books out there, but it’s hard enough for me to learn a new hair skill with a live action visual aid!

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