6 summer survival tips for seriously sweaty people

I’m not going to be coy about this, folks – I am a sweaty lady. Along with all lovely, fun things that summer brings, for people like me it also brings buckets and buckets of sweat. This is not optimal if you are someone who is also trying to look cute and summery and effortless. Over the years, I’ve figured out some tips and tricks for surviving the summer despite the sweat.


get some bike shorts

Chub rub is a struggle that thick thighed girls know all too well. A good ol’ fashioned pair of bike shorts can make a world of difference, along with giving you the magic power to wear a cute dress or skirt and still sit on the ground/climb over stuff/whatever the hell you want to do without having to waste a second of your life worrying about your underwear showing. If you want a little extra sass, you can check out fun shorts with lace or mesh from makers like Allihalla or look for a pair of pettipants. Also, let’s take a break to listen to the body-posi theme song of the summer:

Ditch the cotton undies

Cotton giveth, and cotton taketh away. This fabric often gets major points for being breathable and recommended for summertime clothing – while this is true, the one thing that no one ever really talked about when it came to sweaty summer struggles is the downside of cotton: it’s hella absorbent, and once it’s wet, it stays wet. This is fine when it comes to flowy shirts and sundresses, but when it comes to more fitted and, ahem, intimate  garments, you’ve got a recipe for some serious pain. As Section Hiker’s blog post Chafing and How to Prevent It explains: “The most important way to prevent thigh chafing is to wear synthetic underwear that will not absorb moisture. This means NO COTTON underwear. Cotton absorbs your sweat when you hike and sticks to your skin. The seams of cotton underwear will then scrunch up between your thighs and rub your skin raw.” Thank you for making my life 100x better, Section Hiker.

Try aerosol antiperspirant

I felt like I’d tried every deodorant. Everything from the drug store usuals to the sticks claiming “clinical strength” – nothing worked. Picked up a can of Degree spray deodorant on a whim…and my life was changed. If you haven’t given the spray stuff a try yet, give it a go.

Make a hair contingency plan

I spend a lot of time curling my hair and making it nice, so it’s no surprise that I like to style it down a lot. But when sweating is in your future, it can mean certain doom for your ‘do. I usually like to have a plan in place and a lot of bobby pins on hand so I can be ready to put my hair up into a simple Gibson tuck if necessary.  If I’m going to be outside, I probably will just go ahead and plan on keeping a hat on the whole time: sun protection AND minimal exposure of sweaty hair.

Find a quality setting spray

True life: I am So Sweaty that I occasionally have started sweating my makeup off while I was STILL IN THE PROCESS OF APPLYING IT.

Yeah. Obviously, a setting spray is necessary for keeping my makeup from just straight melting off my face. I’m a fan of Urban Decay’s All Nighter, which keeps my makeup right where I put it. The corollary to this is, of course, to minimize the amount of makeup you’re trying to keep in place – I very rarely bother with foundation during the summer. That’s just asking to be sweaty and patchy. (Bonus tip: avoid shimmer at all cost if you are likely to be sweaty. It will only transform into a sweat enhancer.)

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

It doesn’t matter how good you look if you pass out. As long as your body is doing its best to expel all fluids through your skin, you have to make sure that you’re staying a step ahead of the game. Always have a water bottle at hand if you’re out and about in the summer. Dehydration isn’t a cute look on anyone.

Those are my six top survival tips for sweaty ladies. You don’t have to spend the whole summer drenched like you spent a few hours in a sauna in Hell.

Do you live that sweaty life? How do you deal with perspiration?

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  1. Reply
    Lindsey Puls
    June 20, 2017 at 10:02 am

    These are great tips! I am a sweaty person too, and I’m heading back to Wisconsin this weekend…I’m going to be a great big sweaty mess. Haha. I need to invest in a pair of bike shorts!

    1. Reply
      Penny Snark
      June 20, 2017 at 11:37 am

      Oh no! It’s the humidity that really gets ya around here.

  2. Reply
    Heather Rivet (@HeatherRivet)
    June 23, 2017 at 10:16 pm

    Thank you for this post! I find myself shying away from my dresses in the summer (mostly to chub rub) and giving up on my hair due to humidity. Time to invest in more bike shorts and hats and keep rocking the look I love!

    1. Reply
      Penny Snark
      June 24, 2017 at 8:35 am

      I hope it helps! Sweaty girls deserve summer fun too 😉

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    Desert-Themed Baby Girl Sprinkle |
    June 29, 2017 at 5:38 pm

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