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3 for 1: budget-friendly pinup clothes review

One of the most asked topics in the vintage blogosphere is “how can I dress pinup on a budget?” I wrote a post about ways to save money while wearing vintage styles, but realized I haven’t done a review of one of said budget-friendly retro brands yet. So now you’re getting three at once. Enjoy!

As I mentioned in my budget-friendly fashion post, Lindy Bop is currently my favorite of the less expensive brands. I’ve tried pieces from some of the other “budget” options and found them very cheap looking and feeling and just all around disappointing. Lindy Bop’s pieces don’t have quite the quality or detail of some of the more expensive brands, but they definitely make some great stuff for everyday wear. And as a bonus, they have a ton of sales, making already good prices even better!

During this past sale, I picked up three pieces, all in styles I had never tried before. So let’s give it a go!

A woman wearing the Marnie skirt in grey gothic by Lindy Bop

I first fell in love with the Marnie skirt in Grey Gothic when it was first released during the Halloween season. Unsurprisingly, it sold very well…well enough that I missed out on it in my size. Luckily, I’m a full time spooky girl, so I was happy to snap one up when they came back into stock! The Marnie is actually longer than I expected…at first I was unsure, but it turns out I really enjoy the extra length. That combined with a slightly heavier fabric definitely gives the skirt a nice shape and presence. I found it fit true to the size chart, and it’s a great value for regular price ($38) and a steal on sale (like it is now, by the way)!

A woman wearing the Sammy dress in flamingo print from Lindy Bop

I absolutely flipped for the Sammy dress in pink flamingo print. Flamingos are definitely one of the birds of my soul, and this print is very pretty and painterly. I’ve started to develop more of an appreciation for Peter Pan collars. I always worried that they might be too girlish on me, but it’s pretty cute! The little border of rick-rack along the bottom is a great detail. The dress is made of light fabric (100% cotton!), but feels nicely constructed. This also fit me true to the size chart.

Ophelia Dress in Winter Markets print by Lindy Bop

Tragically, there is no photo of me in the Winter Markets Ophelia. This was arguably the dress that I was most excited to get, but it deeeeefinitely did not fit true to the size chart. I maybe would be able to get it zipped if I had help, but that red bodice portion would not even cover my bra. Sad trombone! I don’t plan to wear this until next summer, so I figure I’ll hold onto it and maybe get it converted into a skirt. The print is too amazing to let go.

So there are three options for cute, retro clothes that won’t break the bank! I will warn you that it can take a while to get your stuff if you’re in the US, and there isn’t any tracking on it…but by the time it does get there, it feels like a pleasant surprise!

PS: Since we’re on the topic of budgets, I’ve actually been trying out a new app lately. I always want to be better at budgeting/saving but…well, I’m sure a lot of you can relate! So I really liked the idea of an app that saves for me. Digit tracks your spending, then squirrels away money for you when it can tell you can spare it. It’s been really neat so far! This isn’t sponsored or asked for by Digit in any way, btw, they have no idea who I am – the link does have a referral code (who doesn’t love a referral code??) but I really just think it’s a cool/useful program and I thought some of you might find it useful too.

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