confessions of the prodigal packer

From a combination of work and personal adventures, I’ve been traveling much more in the past year or so than I ever had before. Every time I go on a trip, part of me says that I should write a packing tips post. But every time, the rest of me says no, because that helpful little post about how to minimize stress and pack smarter would be a dirty, dirty lie.

I am terrible at packing.

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my first (and only?) pinup contest

On Saturday, I competed in Kochanski’s Miss Polish Pinup Princess Pageant, part of the annual Polish Pile-Up car show. I’d actually registered for this competition last year only to wake up terribly ill the morning of the contest, so this was a long time coming. I finally decided to take the leap, after watching a number of contests at other car shows, and go for it myself.

Did all my pinup dreams come true? Well…not exactly.

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Bryant's Cocktail Lounge

milwaukee city guide for vintage lovers

Most of you know that I call the lovely Midwestern metropolis known as Milwaukee, Wisconsin home. I could totally talk about my favorite places in Milwaukee forever, so today I’m limiting it to personal faves and especially spots that I think other vintage lovers need to check out! The vintage/pinup scene in Milwaukee isn’t as expansive as in Los Angeles or other larger cities, but there’s still plenty of retro fun to be had. One of my favorite things about the city is how much of the past lives on today; even as things are growing and changing, people really put the effort into preserving the past. A lot of things that might seem “retro” to other people are just how we roll in Milwaukee.

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