plus size pinup shopping guide

A lot of the time, shopping for plus size clothes feels like playing a video game on expert. Add in a very particular niche style, and you might as well have one hand tied behind your back. But despite the struggles, there are more and more options for plus size pinup girls to find the beautiful retro fashion we want in an inclusive size range. There’s nothing that stabs you in the heart quite like eagerly following a link to check out a piece you’ve seen another girl modeling and finding out they don’t even make it in your size. One of the questions I get most often is “where did you get that???” So I’ve put together a list of all the places that I shop for pinup, vintage and retro fashion that is inclusive of plus size women. This isn’t a comprehensive list of plus size options for vintage inspired clothes, but a highlight of the places that helped me build my wardrobe. (This list of plus size retailers of all styles is far more comprehensive than anything I could hope to create!)

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Flat lay of makeup and beauty products

rise & sparkle: my morning routine

Every morning, I wake up a regular, groggy human and have just 30 minutes to transform into the fabulous pinup girl you know and love. I’ve been expanding and experimenting with my daily makeup and morning stuff lately, so I thought now would be a great time to share my morning routine and all the products that help me achieve my everyday sparkle. I have a solid mix of drugstore and prestige brands amongst my go-to products, so there’s a little something for everyone.

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Pinup in a Pack subscription box

pinup in a pack subscription box review

As though the universe is reading my blog (what up, universe), right after I mentioned in my Dia & Co review that I’d be interested in checking out a pinup/vintage-themed subscription box…one popped up! Pinup in a Pack is a monthly accessory subscription box for pinup girls. For $19.99 each month (shipping included in the lower 48), you will receive a box of 3-4 pinup/vintage-inspired accessories worth up to $50 delivered right to your door. I definitely give a critical eye to subscriptions and curated boxes of all kinds; I’m ex-Ipsy, ex-Gwynnie Bee, ex-Dia & Co…it takes a lot for a box to convince me that I’m better off subscribing than putting that money toward things I know I want. So how does Pinup in a Pack stack up? Find out after the jump.

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Close up of pink and blue floral nail art

5 floral manicures I wish I could do

I go through phases with my nails. For a while I’ll be satisfied with a nice, simple coat of polish. And then I’ll start thinking about nail art. I look at tutorials. I scroll through Pinterest. “I could do that,” I think to myself. I attempt the nail art. I cannot do it. I give up on nail art and go back to just plain painted nails…until the cycle begins again.

Floral everything has captured my heart this spring, and manicures are no different. This time,  I thought I’d share the nail art I’ve been fixating on…maybe some of you with more artistic tendencies than me can actually make use of them.

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vintage hair must-have products (suavecita review)

It’s hard to deny that great hair is the delicious cherry on top of a pinup girl sundae. You can definitely rock a cute pinup look without doing vintage hair, but victory rolls or Bettie waves can give even the plainest outfits a pinup twist. Committing to a middy haircut and setting my hair every day was a major step in my ~Pinup Journey~, and the art of a great wetset is one that every pinup gal should know. If you want to do something right, you need the right tools, so today I’m talking about the Suavecita Wet Set, a trio of products formulated to give you a great set, the foundation to every great pinup hairstyle. Do they do the trick? Find out after the jump!

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