aesthetic: electra heart

Sometimes an album just punches straight through your chest and grabs your heart. For me, one of those is Marina & the Diamonds’ Electra Heart. I know it’s gotten mixed reviews from both critics and fans, but I love it. I can listen to it over and over, and I relate way too hard. And, bonus: the promo for the album was 1000% up my alley. If you too are a fan of that hazy, haunted pastel Kodachrome look, join me after the jump to enjoy some eye candy.

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Handmade cross stitch design of a witch to celebrate Halloween. The text reads "Best Witches To You"

teach yourself embroidery

I love crafting, but it’s a little intimidating to try a new craft project. Some require a lot of start-up costs, and it’s hard for impatient people (like myself) to push through the awkward learning phase that beginners have to go through before actually making something that looks good. But what if I told you there was a craft that you could try out for just a few dollars and you might even make something you don’t hate right out of the gate? It’s called embroidery.

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review: ida from BAIT footwear

It’s no secret that BAIT Footwear (“But another innocent tale…”) is the shoe of choice for many modern pinup girls and vintage enthusiasts. With sweet, classic styles that come in a veritable rainbow of beautiful colors, they’re hard to resist! Any popular brand comes with mixed reviews; some say BAIT shoes run big, others say they run small. Some swear by their quality, some complain about how quickly the colors get scuffed up. But I’ve decided this is my Year of Shoes, when I finally level up my footwear game and leave the tyranny of black flats behind me, so I took the leap and ordered my first pair of Idas.

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Several bra and panty sets

bras & bra fitting with special guest the blackberry belle

Studies say that as many as 80% of women may be wearing the wrong bra size – yikes! I’m of the opinion that a proper bra fitting is one of the best things any woman can do for herself. A quality bra that fits has a huge impact on not only the way clothes fit but also on your physical comfort. Unfortunately, much like a good man, a good bra is hard to find.

Luckily, plenty of brave ladies have taken up the measuring tape of justice and dedicated themselves to the art of the perfect bra. One of them is Karen of The Blackberry Belle. When I asked Karen for her boob credentials, she said:

I was fitted at a local store back in 2010 and fell in love with the difference a properly fitted bra could make – not just for how I felt, but looked in clothes! For over three years, I worked at a local fitting salon in Louisiana. I’ve helped hundreds (if not thousands) women. I’ve helped women (including trans women) of all sizes, shapes, and ages feel better not just about their breasts, but about their bodies. I’m no longer a fitter, but I am no less passionate about bras and bra fitting!

That’s more than good enough for me! Karen was gracious enough to answer some of my questions about bras, bra fitting, and retro lingerie. Learn where to find a good bra, what everyone should know about bras, and what the one piece every pinup should have in her lingerie drawer is after the jump!

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pastel urban nymph moodboard

The weather has been terribly cruel to us this year. We’ve gone back and forth from the 20s to the 60s, occasionally in the same day. I’ve bundled up in my Pearl coat and gone out in just a cardigan in the same week. All this to say that I’m very ready for the weather to make up its mind and give us spring already. I posted a roundup of retro spring shoes a few weeks ago that people enjoyed, so I thought I’d share a moodboard and talk a little about my spring #aesthetic for this year. Spoiler alert: it involves pastels, flowers, and a little retro flavor.

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