5 easy ways to start rocking pinup style today

When I first started to get interested in pinup style, I had no idea where to begin. All the perfectly put together ladies I saw online were intimidating…it seemed like I had no choice but to go from zero to Bettie Page in a single bound. And that definitely wasn’t going to happen!

But looking back now (seven years and a lot of learning later), I know how easy it can be to start making small changes one by one. Not only is this a good way to dip your toes in the pool and feel cute instead of like you’re in costume, but it’s also the most budget friendly way to get into pinup style! (Click here for more ideas for pinup style on a budget!)

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self confidence for beginners

After “where do you get your glasses,” the question I get asked most is probably, “how did you get so confident?” The first few times I got that question, I looked at the asker like a confused dog tilting its head to the side. Confident? Me? But I’ve gotten more, well, confident in my own confidence, so I thought it was time to share my best tips for becoming more confident.

Inspirational quote by Kate Nash

Kate Nash is always a good place to start.

(I’m coming at this from the perspective of a plus size woman, since that’s the life I live, but I think these are universally applicable!)

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tiki bars: three dots and a dash

I suspect that I’m the last person in the Midwest tiki scene to make it to Three Dots and a Dash. Opened in 2013, this downtown tiki lounge has gained quite the local reputation. I don’t make it down to Chicago that often, but since I was already going to be in town to see Dita Von Teese, I knew a long overdue visit to Three Dots and a Dash was in order. Luckily, the lovely Emily is a Chicago gal and was willing to come scope the place out with me.

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spring shoes for vintage gals

I am craving new shoes so hard right now. I’ve been wearing my plain, sensible black flats for too long…I want colors, sparkles, some extra flair! Lo and behold, one of my everyday pairs of black flats have given up the ghost. Which means it’s time for some replacements! Let’s do some virtual shoe shopping, shall we? (The links in this post are affiliate links – shopping using them puts a few cents in my shoe fund with no extra cost to you.)

If you don’t get this, watch this.

Let’s get look at some shoes.

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aesthetic: stella de libero

You’re all very familiar with the eccentric kitschy vintage glam vibe that is my everyday style. I’m all about retro fashion, but there’s another look that totally captures my heart. The best way I can describe it is “rococo floral fairy princess tulle explosion.”

I am absolutely obsessed with the work of Japanese wedding dress designer Stella de Libero. As far as I can tell, the dresses aren’t really available in America, which is a crying shame, but would I fly to Japan to get my hands on one of these? Yes. Yes, I definitely would.

My plan was to curate a reasonable number of my favorite dresses but…well. Things got slightly out of hand. So go ahead and click if you want to join me in frolicking through enchanted gardens.

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guest post: valentine’s with vylette

Hi, everyone! My name is Julie and I am the woman behind the lifestyle blog Vylette. By day, I work as a book keeper, and by night, I am mad crafter, designer, and baking enthusiast. I am so very excited to be your guest Valentine’s Day themed poster today. Despite being a boring old married lady, I decided to go a little nontraditional when celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. Instead of flowers, candy and a fancy dinner out (which admittedly has never been our thing), the hubs and I are going to celebrating separately this year. I will be hitting the town with some of my friends to celebrate Galentine’s Day by dressing up, going out, and having as much fun as one can reasonably have on a Tuesday with three little ones in tow and having to still make it into the office by 8 the next morning. Basically dinner out with coloring books, cupcakes, candy, and plenty of colorful anecdotes. Whist I am out and about, the husband will be enjoying a rare quiet night in, sprinkled with one or two appropriately themed surprises I’ll have set up before taking off 😉

When Penny agreed to swap a guest post with me and suggested we each style a similar accessory, I must admit I was a little nervous. My own personal style isn’t nearly as glamorous or visually interesting, but I decided to give it a try. As soon as I saw the Purple Ombre Heart Headband, I knew that I had found the perfect accessory for girls night. Fun and just the teeniest bit cheesy, plus anything with glitter is usually right up my ally. To make the experience a little more challenging, I pushed myself to compose the rest of the outfit from things already hanging in my closet.
As I am writing this, I realized that each of the pieces I am wearing actual have some romantic story behind them. The off the shoulder sweater I wore do the rehearsal dinner the day before I got married, the skirt I wore to the wedding shower of my brother and sister-in-law, and the shoes were something I purchased when my husband took me out for a little retail therapy after I lost my brother (the distraction didn’t really work, but it was a wonderfully sweet gesture none the less). So without even trying, I have clothed myself in romantically themed items for this romantically themed day. Funny how those kinds of things work out, huh?
So cute – thanks for sharing, Julie! Head to Vylette to see how I styled my headband!