up your selfie game (for free!)

Love it or hate it, the selfie is here to stay. I think it’s pretty obvious which side I come down on…I’ll save my lengthy thoughts about selfies as self-affirmation for another time (you can get a taste of it in my body positivity post), and focus today on the most important part:  how do you take a good one? I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but more than one friend has said I take the best selfies. Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not, but I can without a doubt say that I’ve taken enough of them to have a few tips.

A lot of advice posts I’ve seen recommend ring lights or special apps or other doohickeys, but I don’t have time to mess around with that business. These tips are mostly for you: what you can do to increase your chances of having a selfie you’ll be proud to post. #wokeuplikethis

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5 vintage wallpapers I wish were dresses

My friends say, “It looks like grandma wallpaper, in a good way” about my outfit. I tell my tattoo artist, “I just want it to be like…really pretty vintage wallpaper.” To me, vintage wallpaper isn’t just good for home decor — it’s a source of fashion inspiration too! So, to celebrate fabulously tacky (and also just plain tacky) wallpaper, here are five wallpapers that I wish were dresses I could put on my human body.

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3 for 1: budget-friendly pinup clothes review

One of the most asked topics in the vintage blogosphere is “how can I dress pinup on a budget?” I wrote a post about ways to save money while wearing vintage styles, but realized I haven’t done a review of one of said budget-friendly retro brands yet. So now you’re getting three at once. Enjoy!

As I mentioned in my budget-friendly fashion post, Lindy Bop is currently my favorite of the less expensive brands. I’ve tried pieces from some of the other “budget” options and found them very cheap looking and feeling and just all around disappointing. Lindy Bop’s pieces don’t have quite the quality or detail of some of the more expensive brands, but they definitely make some great stuff for everyday wear. And as a bonus, they have a ton of sales, making already good prices even better!

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let’s get together (yeah yeah yeah)


Illustration by Al Moore

I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that the fires of sisterhood are burning especially hot in me lately. Part of that energy is going toward forming new & deepening existing female friendships in my real life (or “meatspace,” as we nerds say), but part of it is definitely reserved for my amazing online community!

I mentioned on Instagram that I’d love to collaborate with other bloggers or brands this year – whether it be guest posts or blog swaps or style swaps or WHATEVER, if there’s a cool thing we could do together, I want to give it a shot! I value the community that I’ve found on Instagram so much, and I want to find ways that we can work together & support each other even more.

Semi-related, but I’ve been craving a dedicated blogging space for vintage/pinup gals…am I the only one who feels that way? (Or is there already one where you’re all hanging out without me???) A Pinup Bloggers Unanonymous, if you will. I’m part of several blogging related Facebook groups, but sometimes the constant focus on the business and the hustle tires me out. I’d love to have a sounding board with other retro gals on the blog scene!

I’ve also been thinking about having a vintage link-up…would anyone else be interested in participating in one?

Ahh…I don’t know if this kind of bloggy business post is interesting to anyone, but I always like to connect with other bloggers and thought it was worth a shot! Your regularly scheduled programming will resume after this brief message.

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hidden figures & the dangers of rose-colored glasses

Hidden Figures Day 41

From the very first preview, I knew that Hidden Figures had the potential to be both gorgeous and important.

First off: Hidden Figures is a really great movie. There were so many moments in the theater that I found myself smiling or tearing up; the characters are vibrant and lovable, the story is inspirational without being cloying. And, of course, for a vintage-loving gal the eye candy is amazing. From the amazing aqua car the main characters commute to and from NASA in to miles and miles of seriously covetable 60s office looks, I definitely had some stars in my eyes.

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20 things every modern pinup should know

What makes someone a pinup? Where are the requirements for vintage gal status written down? Personally, I think anyone who wants to claim the title is welcome to it, but I also had a lot of fun thinking about the various “skills” a modern pinup needs. Some of them are the same as glamour girls of days gone by, but some are very specific to today’s world. I’d love to know if you agree!


  1. How to draw a wing so sharp it could kill a man
  2. How to open a bottle of champagne
  3. Where the nearest bathroom is
  4. How to accept a compliment
  5. When to call it a night
  6. What her favorite red lipstick is
  7. How to rock a sale
  8. When wearing heels is worth it…
  9. …and when it isn’t
  10. Which Old Hollywood starlet she most wants to emulate
  11. How to make it a week without breaking a nail
  12. How to use the restroom while wearing complex undergarments
  13. The best antique/thrift shops in her city
  14. The value of a well-used hashtag
  15. How to do a curl set
  16. The approximate location of the nearest tiki bar and/or cocktail lounge
  17. Which Mad Men character she would be (even if she didn’t watch Mad Men)
  18. How to complete an outfit with a well-placed accessory
  19. How to use a record player
  20. When poof is called for, and when EXTRA poof is called for

How many of these can you check off? What’s on your list?

PS: Speaking of sales, I’m on a no-buy right now but I’m drooling over everything in the Modcloth sale! Let me live vicariously through you.

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